I’m sorry for the recent radio-silence. No Im not injured or ill, just swamped with the daily grind. It’s funny how getting a day off (Memorial Day) just means we stay extra late every night of the week to make up for it. Don’t get me wrong- it was still amazing having Monday off. Too much to do-so little time! I hope right now you are┬áhaving a wild night out on the town. I am currently in my bed drinking wine, watching Anthony Bourdain eat his way across Europe and it’s amazing.

Tomorrow I’ve got a big building day ahead, so follow along on INSTAGRAM to see my most up to date progress shots! I’m really excited about it!


Birds + Puppies!

Sometimes my work is awesome… or at least the lot I work on. I’m in the middle of blogging (on a post to come later) and these lovely creatures are steps away from my door. I had to stop mid-post and start another.

There were more doggies, but this one is my favorite. Her name is Beatrice. And the bird above is fed blueberries to keep it’s eyes that bright blue. First tigers and now birds and doggies!