Surviving Blizzard Juno


People keep asking me about the blizzard Juno, which was actually just an awesomely fun snow storm. We got a ton of snow, but power didn’t go out, no accidents in front of our house (there’s a bridge that people slide on all the time) and it made for a fun snow day.

On Monday I left work once it started snowing and headed to my parents house in Wallingford. I was dying to spend a snowstorm at my new apartment in New Haven, but with the threat of power going out, I figured being alone and trapped for days would be so lonely. Plus I didn’t do anything to prepare for the storm. My parents suggest I come over to their place where if power went out we could at least play boardgames via candlelight, which sounds like the best day ever.

I took the photo above from their cosy living room as the snow started slowly piling up. Of course that night we played boardgames for hours and did a little shoveling. Shoveling is the ultimate workout… great for your core!


I took the above photo around 2pm on Tuesday once the snow had stopped. It was so beautiful out, that I needed to go for a photo-taking walk around their neighborhood. The temp was around 30 degrees, which made it actually really comfortable outside. The snow was like a light powder, and not crisp or icy. It really was perfect.


Above is a photo from the bridge across from my parents house. Off in the distance is the waterfall and upper lake.


Part of their neighborhood is an expanse of farmland. I needed to see the many acres of fresh untouched snow.


Their neighborhood is so pretty, especially blanketed in fresh powder. Another bonus is that 2 of my best friends live a 10 minute walk away, so I was able to meet up with one of them for a walk too.


This is the local farm where they sell eggs, honey, maple syrup (on the honor system) and grow Christmas trees. They live my dream life and live in my dream house with a big red barn.


And to top off this gorgeous day, the sunset was this deep pink/purple. My walk was over and it was time for hot cocoa and more boardgames!

Hope you enjoyed your Juno vacation, East Coasters! Now it’s back to the grindstone and time to play catchup! Yesterday, I spent time replacing ceiling tiles at Meyer Wire and today I’m painting! I’ll share before and after photos soon. Time for another coat!

Visiting Home 3: Touring Wallingford

To catch up to speed, check out Visiting Home: Getting There and Exploration.

After spending the previous day in search of adventure and small town beauty, I decided to spend some time in my own home town (Wallingford, CT) looking for excitement. While I didn’t find excitement, I did enjoy a sunny walk with my camera out. My town has actually made it into some movies, and the 06492 zip code is that of Stars Hallow’s in the TV show Gilmore Girls (which it does look similar to). And the Drew Barrymore film Riding In Cars With Boys is supposedly set in Wallingford, CT (although it was not filmed there).


I drove to the center of town, Main St., and just set aimlessly on a walk with my camera in hand.


Wallingford has a lot of small town charm.


And old homes… lots of old beautiful homes. Given the spring/summer season, the grass was green and the sky was perfectly blue. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.


My town features the private high school Choate Rosemary Hall. Their campus and buildings are meticulously maintained.


School’s out for summer.




All the flags are up for the 4th of July, and the little shops and restaurants had some activity as colleges are letting students out for summer.


The above church is where I spent a lot of time growing up. So pretty.


Lastly, here’s the Wallingford Town Hall with its clock out front. Oh, Wallingford, you’ll always be home to me.