The Secret


I saw The Secret on Netflix recently, and I can’t get it out of my head.It’s about the power of positive thinking and asking the universe for what you want. The film tries to make it feel magical/mystical but at a basic level it’s about taking time to figure out what you want so you can work toward it. It’s got me thinking about my 5 year plan, my 10 year plan and even what I want to be doing at 60. This all comes right around my birthday (9 days from now) and I always think about my future around my birthday.

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to be an adult, watching shows like Dawson’s Creek and 90210 made me want to grow up fast. At 30 I figured I’d be married with kids and a self-made millionaire…. or at the very least I would own a house. I have 3 years until I’m 30 and I’ve decided to get my life on a track to something new. This is all leading into me spending a Saturday afternoon making vision board. Call it silly, but I think making a board of goals can only lead to a positive outcome. Positive thinking.

Happy Weekend!

Sunday Afternoon



I’m very hopeful this next week I’ll be back on track and also updating you on all the posts I’ve been wanting to write. This weekend has been all about relaxing and getting back in the zone for my new project starting Monday. And also focusing myself on future Bethany. I recently watched The Secret on Netflix and yes, I’m hooked. I consider myself a pretty positive person, but this is all about focusing on what you want, asking the universe for it, and believing you’ll get it. Now I totally understand the doubters but isn’t life better when you’re focused on the good in life? Part of The Secret is visualizing what you want by making a vision board. My next step is to make this board and I’ve been constantly thinking about what I want. It’s a fun exercise and I recommend it.

I also took this Sunday to do a little Beach Yoga with Brad and work on some art projects (photo above in-process) while trying to say low-stress and getting ready to start my new job tomorrow. Oh and I also finished this lovely necklace holder for my friend Tamar. When my Blog Shop is launched, this will be one of the items. You like?