A Sunday Teaser

Since I was so lacking this past week, I’m going to give you a little Sunday teaser of things to come this week. Did you all get out and enjoy the 80 degree gorgeousness that was Saturday? You can bet I got some Secret Stair Walks in! Where did I walk? You’ll have to check back this week for posts. Here are two hints:

I didn’t end up getting to go to the Pancake and Booze Art event, but I already went last year and decided to try something new. I celebrated a friends birthday at a new bar in NoHo.. can you guess it? Well check back this week to find out where I went. Here’s a hint:

Today I have a busy Sunday, despite the rain. I’ve decided to push my visit to the Japanese American Museum and the Eagle Rock Brewery tour to a different weekend (although you should check both of those places out), I’ve decided to go see my friends performance in the LA Gay Men’s Choir. I’ve seen them rehearse their Christmas show and they were amazing. I’m excited for this and will come back with a full report.

I’ve also started reading a new book in my free time, Michael Gross’s Unreal Estate. When I tell people I’m reading a real estate book, they think I’m memorizing MLS numbers. Not so much. This book is all about the underbelly and real history of some of the most exclusive properties in the world. I’m 30 pages in (it’s dense reading, so it’s slow reading for moi) and I love it.

To Get You Over The Hump

I’ve been in exercise mode to get ready for Denver’s 2012 Turkey Trot, where I will be running on Thanksgiving morning. Unfortunately, this means I am extremely sore and I haven’t gotten to go on any adventures beyond the edge of the treadmill. Hopefully this translates into a kickass running time. While I am on my running kick, that doesn’t mean you should be indoors on these lovely fall nights.

Now I know it’s not the weekend yet (so close!), but I thought I would tell you about some events happening this week. TONIGHT,¬†Wednesday at 7pm, the Moca is doing a cocktail reception for the opening of their Shadow Pool exhibit at the Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge on Santa Monica Blvd. The exhibit Shadow Pool: A Natural History of the San San International is a mix of a fashion show, sculpture display, live music and more showcasing Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe‘s work. It’s worth checking out! If art isn’t your scene, check out Bigfoot Lodge‘s Trivia Night tonight at 9pm. If a 9pm starting time is too late for you, The Fox and the Hound bar in Studio City (on Ventura) has an 8pm Trivia Night tonight.

TOMORROW, Thursday at 7pm Michael Gross is doing a reading and signing of his new book Unreal Eestate: Money Ambition and the Lust for Land in Los Angeles at Book Soup. I have not read any of his books, but as a real estate enthusiast I hear about his work all the time. One of my favorite blogs on this topic is “The Real Estalker” and the writer of that site wrote a great description of the book HERE. If you are interested in high-end real estate and the behind the scenes info, read this book! I’m dropping it onto my amazon wish-list as we speak, and if you can’t make the signing order the book HERE.

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA is offering two shows at 8pm on Thursday for only $5: This Sh*ts for Real and Scott Rodgers: Care Bear Stare. So if you want a cheap night filled with intimate comedy, get tickets to this show (HERE) and see Paul Scheer, Rob Delaney, Jackie Clark, Danielle Schneider, Scott Rogers, and the musical stylings of Michael Cassady (Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die). All of those awesome well known comedians or $5! Such a good deal.

Reminder: The AFI Film Festival is still going on, so if you have a free night, you should check the schedule HERE and enjoy! And get ready for Friday 11-11-11!