A Sad Day

As long-time readers of my blog know, I’m a big fan of Harris Wittels. He played the drums in the comedy band “Don’t Stop or We’ll Die”, did stand up around Los Angeles, has written for many comedy tv shows and even invented the Humblebrag, all before 30. He was the “Flight of the Concords”, to my “Mel”. He even once commented on this very blog (check it out HERE). Getting that notification email “Harris Wittels has left a comment for you” was the best day (I still have the email saved). He was the type of guy that cared enough to find his fans and talk to them, which is incredibly rare.

He was always open about his drug use, as he talked about it candidly in different podcasts. Back in November he was a guest on Pete Holmes’ “You Made It Weird” (find that HERE), where he talks about when recreational drug use shifted to addiction and then took over his life. He was working on recovery and died too soon. This is such a loss for the comedy world, as Harris had so much comedy left in him. It’s a sad day.

imag1109 Harris doing stand up at UCB’s Comedy Bang Bang Wednesday show in Los Angeles.

imag1074 Don’t Stop or We’ll Die performing at the Meltdown Theater in Los Angeles.

adamscott Harris Wittels (right) with Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman at the Comedy Bang Bang LA event as part of the IFC Tour (Aug 2012).


226283_504893182859027_1782309762_n Above is the band Don’t Stop or We’ll Die performing at the Comedy Bang Bang 2011 Nativity Pageant at UCB in LA (Harris is in the center on drums).

Do This Today: Facebook at UCB

This improv show is amazing. I went back when it was the Myspace show and loved it. Now it’s the Facebook show and stars Rob Hubel, Seth Morris, Chad Carter, Paul Scheer, and Own Burke. These guys are hilarious and such great improvisers. They bring an audience member on stage and look at their facebook page on a big screen. Then they do a series of improvs based on the information and stories that the person shares on their facebook page. It’s always a different show so you can go every week and expect all new comedy.

Event: Facebook at UCB (event website)
Location: UCB, 5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles CA
Time: Wednesday March 5, 2014, 9:30 – 11pm
Cost: $5
FYI: This show is technically sold out for tonight, but UCB packs people in and has a waiting list. If you show up and put your name on the list, they will find a way to get you in.

BONUS Do This Today: Risk! Storytelling Show

I’ve been to this show once before when it was held at UCB (years ago), and it was excellent. The show is hosted by Baron Vaughn and Beowolf Jones tonight. It’s where guests are given a topic/theme and they tell bizzare true stories from their lives. It’s a lot of fun and tonights guests are Tom Lennon, The Sklar Brothers, Greg Fitzsimmons, Kristen Rutherford, Ptolemy Slocum, Jordan Morris.

Event: Risk! LA (event link)
Location: Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Clvd, Los Angeles CA 90046
Time: 9pm show
Cost: $8 in advance (get tickets here), $10 at the door

Ronna and Beverly’s Podcast



Since it’s Comedy Wednesday, I’d be a terrible friend and comedy connoisseur if I didn’t mention that my friends Alison and Mark were mentioned in the newest podcast by my two favorite Jewish mothers, Ronna and Beverly. Check out their podcast HERE to learn more about them and PLEASE listen to the episode “Hometown Hero” to hear the awesome shout out to these awesome people (@ the 59 min mark). Remember Ronna and Beverly from THIS post? Remember Mark and Alison from THIS post?

Do This Today: Nick’s BIG Talk Show @ UCB


Today’s event is sold out BUT UCB is great about letting in people from a wait list and tonight’s show is worth waiting for. Nick Thune has a monthly talk show with cohost Nic Wegener. Tonights cast is Nick Thune, Nic Wegner, Kyle Mooney, James Pumphrey, Michael Busch, and Brandon Johnson. The guests are Reggie Watts, Adam Devine and Kate Berlant with the band Liphemra. This sounds really fun. Get there early and get your name on the wait list!

Event: Nick’s BIG Talk Show (event link)
Location: UCB, 5915 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles CA
Time: Thursday March 14th, 2013, 9:30pm
Cost: $5 Cash Only

BONUS Do This Today: Crap Kingdom Book Release!


UCB is playing host to DC Pierson’s Crap Kingdom book release tonight! Tonight’s special guests include Tom Wilson (Freaks + Geeks), Gillian Jacobs (Community), Anthony King, and Rich Sommer (Mad Men). This is a book release party as well as a one-night only support group for recovering theater kids of all age. Sounds like a fun night, and it’s only $5! Get tickets in advance HERE!

Event: DC Pierson’s Crap Kingdom Book Release Bonanza!  (event link)
Location: UCB, 5915 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles CA
Time: 8:00pm
Cost: $5 (get tickets here)

Do This Today: The Evening Hour With Sean Conroy


Technically it’s sold out, BUT UCB is great about taking people in from a standby list. So that means today’s Do This Today is going to UCB and seeing The Evening Hour with Sean Conroy. He has special guests Jenny Slate and Nick Kroll. And the best part? It’s only $5!

Event: The Evening Hour With Sean Conroy (event link)
Location: UCB, 5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Tuesday Feb 26, 9:30p
Cost: $5 cash only

Double BONUS Do This Today: Doug Loves Movies


Doug Loves Movies is tonight at 8pm at the Nerdist Showroom aka Meltdown Comics. This is a live podcast recording of the very funny Doug Loves Movies podcast. Doug tweeted “I don’t like to name names but Kan MArino, Martin Starr, Jerry O’Connel and “more” might be at DLM tonight”. Just say’in…

Event: Doug Loves Movies (website)
Location: Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Thursday January 31, 2013, 8pm show
Cost: $10 (get tickets HERE!)

Do This Today: Doug Loves Movies


Doug Loves Movies is tonight at 7pm at UCB and it’s FREE! Put Your Hands Together (at 8pm) and Bonky with Moshe Kasher and Chelsea Peretti (at 9:30pm) are sold out, but you can always try for the waiting list.

Event: Doug Loves Movies (website)
Location: UCB, 5915 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles CA
Time: 7pm
Cost: FREE!

Do This Today: Doug Loves Movies / Put Your Hands Together


As it’s Tuesday, this would normally be Doug Loves Movies/ Comedy Bang Bang night at UCB. Doug Loves Movies is still happening at 7pm tonight (always free, so get in line early to get a seat) but Comedy Bang Bang has retired. In it’s place is “Put Your Hands Together” produced by A Special Records and hosted by Cameron Esposito. This is sold out, but they are good about fitting people in who are on the waiting list. Get there for DLM and get your name on the standby list for this show. Why not also put your name on the standby list for Before You Were Funny with Rob Delaney, Matt Walsh, and Casey Wilson. To see these three shows it’ll only cost you $10! Do it!

Event: The UCB Line-up (event link)
Location: The Upright Citizen’s Brigade, 5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Time: 7:00p
Cost: $5 each show (DLM is free)