I’m baaaaack!

I made it back from my epic Thanksgiving Adventure! Turkey in Turkey was a success! I hope you followed along through my instagram photos. If not, no worries as posts will be up in the next week or so. It’ll take some time to organize all 1500 photos, but I promise to do it. Since I got in late last night I’m still catching up on work/blog emails so I’ll have my “Do This Today” post starting back up tomorrow. Here are some instagram photos (since the others are still on my camera):

Temple Mount, Old City, Jerusalem

4b7e2b5e56d511e3a2bd12f060f13058_7The Western Wall, Old City, Jerusalem

cf3dec8856ba11e3a52e12d4973c56e9_7Caesarea, Masada

80016dbe584c11e39bef0e0423ac1ff3_7Photo via As Her World Turns)

50083208560a11e3b148122f255355e2_7Mt. Bental (looking over to the DMZ + Syria)




The big trip has come! Today I embark on my journey to Israel and Turkey. Unfortunately this means my “Do This Today” (and all  other posts) will be on hiatus until December 3. My plan is to have phone internet access, so if you want to see up to the minute photos from my trip, check out my instagram where I’ll be hash-tagging #turkeyinturkey (as it’s in reference to Thanksgiving in Turkey). And to all home-burglers out there, I have two roommates with black belts so don’t even think about it. Shalom and L’hitaot!

Sunday Travel News


I’ve hinted to this in the past, but the day is coming and it’s share time. I’m going to Israel and Istanbul in less than two weeks! While I am THRILLED to be going, I’m sad to say the blog will have to be on hiatus at that time. I want to be able to fully immerse myself in the adventure and the idea of leaving my computer for two weeks, while a bit scary, sounds amazing. I’m still figuring out my cellphone situation, but I hope I’m able to instagram so check out my account HERE to see up to the date images while I’m gone.

I’ll be meeting up with my sister, and world travel blogger, As Her World Turns, as well as my uncle as we cleberate “Turkey in Turkey”. I’ll still be around and posting for the next ten days, but I’m just letting you know it’s coming up quick! Anyone been there and have advice? Sites you loved? Sites you wasted time seeing? All input is helpful 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Another year, another Denver Turkey Trot! As much as I love LA, visiting my uncle (above) in Denver is one of the highlights of my year. It’s become our Thanksgiving tradition to get up early and Turkey Trot before we head to the days festivities (see last years post here). It’s a great way to feel good about all the food we are about to eat. This year I’m suffering from a nasty virus, so my trot was more of a speed walk, but I’m so glad I was at least able to participate. And Erica and I surprised our uncle with TURKEY HATS!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for!