The York in Highland Park

In my haste of getting ready for my weekend trip, I realize I never told you about my visit, last Saturday night, to The York. To catch you up to speed, check out my blog post about earlier in the day HERE. We had a lovely day at the Santa Anita Park (watching horse races), and decided to continue on to The York in Highland Park for dinner.

Parking was tricky, so I ended up just parking in the lot behind the strip that the York is apart of. It cost a few bucks, but it was worth it not to have to park far away. This neighborhood is also a little sketchy, so walking alone there at night is not recommended. The above photo was taken from that parking lot. SHARK!

The above pictures are of the alley that takes you from the parking lot to the street where all the store/bar entrances are. This alley, if based on smell, is covered in urine BUT look at that cool graffiti.

Once inside The York, I finally got to see what my friend Michelle has been raving about.

They have a large bar in the center of the place and seating/booths in a circle around it. I ordered a girlie cocktail from their extensive drink menu. The menu board photo below is one of 4 (?) large boards hanging. They have everything you could think of.

As for food, my friend Lindsey and I split an order of grilled cheese made with truffle oil (my new favorite oil) and we each ordered the vegan soup on the day. The food was so delicious and reasonably priced. We split this giant grilled cheese, which was a good decision because it was so big. The massive bowl of soup, plus half the grilled cheese came out to about $18. All of this was a great decision.

Look at that soup… yuuuum. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

The atmosphere of this place is as cool as the food is delicious. So, really cool. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Keep in mind that the second Saturday of every month NELAart does their Gallery Night which The York happens to be apart of. Check it out then or check their schedule HERE to see when their next Trivia Night is (it’s Mondays at 9p).

To Get You Over The Hump

I’ve been in exercise mode to get ready for Denver’s 2012 Turkey Trot, where I will be running on Thanksgiving morning. Unfortunately, this means I am extremely sore and I haven’t gotten to go on any adventures beyond the edge of the treadmill. Hopefully this translates into a kickass running time. While I am on my running kick, that doesn’t mean you should be indoors on these lovely fall nights.

Now I know it’s not the weekend yet (so close!), but I thought I would tell you about some events happening this week. TONIGHT, Wednesday at 7pm, the Moca is doing a cocktail reception for the opening of their Shadow Pool exhibit at the Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge on Santa Monica Blvd. The exhibit Shadow Pool: A Natural History of the San San International is a mix of a fashion show, sculpture display, live music and more showcasing Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe‘s work. It’s worth checking out! If art isn’t your scene, check out Bigfoot Lodge‘s Trivia Night tonight at 9pm. If a 9pm starting time is too late for you, The Fox and the Hound bar in Studio City (on Ventura) has an 8pm Trivia Night tonight.

TOMORROW, Thursday at 7pm Michael Gross is doing a reading and signing of his new book Unreal Eestate: Money Ambition and the Lust for Land in Los Angeles at Book Soup. I have not read any of his books, but as a real estate enthusiast I hear about his work all the time. One of my favorite blogs on this topic is “The Real Estalker” and the writer of that site wrote a great description of the book HERE. If you are interested in high-end real estate and the behind the scenes info, read this book! I’m dropping it onto my amazon wish-list as we speak, and if you can’t make the signing order the book HERE.

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA is offering two shows at 8pm on Thursday for only $5: This Sh*ts for Real and Scott Rodgers: Care Bear Stare. So if you want a cheap night filled with intimate comedy, get tickets to this show (HERE) and see Paul Scheer, Rob Delaney, Jackie Clark, Danielle Schneider, Scott Rogers, and the musical stylings of Michael Cassady (Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die). All of those awesome well known comedians or $5! Such a good deal.

Reminder: The AFI Film Festival is still going on, so if you have a free night, you should check the schedule HERE and enjoy! And get ready for Friday 11-11-11!

Bigfoot Lodge (Atwater)

This past Wednesday night I finally got to experience Bigfoot Lodge’s Trivia Night. My failed attempt the week before made me think twice about going this week, but alas, I went so I could report about it to you.

The trivia part of the night doesn’t begin until 9pm (kinda late for the old fogie that I am). It’s good to get there at 8:30pm, grab a drink before it gets too busy, and claim your spot. We got a great section by a fireplace (did I forget to mention, this place is themed to be a cabin in the wilderness). The walls look like a log cabin and there are faux animals and wilderness themed memorabilia on the walls. I got to enjoy one of their specialty drinks: the Toasted Marshmallow. They actually ignite a marshmallow and it comes as a garnish in the drink. Super girlie and super delicious.

When an Aussie took the mic, trivia night began. Our group consisted of 6 people. They had several themed rounds (sports and music etc.). 20 groups played and we were in third place for the first several rounds but then we fell behind. We had a great time though, and the rounds had such mixed questions that everyone was able to contribute. I highly recommend Bigfoot Lodge on any night of the week, but if you can make trivia night, you won’t be disappointed.

Weekend Guide! Oct 7+8+9

It’s been a crazy day and I have to get ready for my camping extravaganza this weekend. That’s right, no air-mattress on this one, this is real camping. In the meantime I have to tell you about the awesome things happening this weekend:


826LA (an awesome charity in Echo Park) is hosting FILTER Culture Collide Festival in Echo Park ALL weekend. Cool people. Cool bands. As part of this event there is a Block Party on Sunday from 3-10p. Wristbands are $20, the money goes to charity AND you get an awesome weekend. Win Win.

Post No Bills in Venice is hosting Ron English’s “English 101” solo exhibit in their gallery for all of October. You’ll recognize his stuff. If you’re walking the boardwalk, check it out!

If live music and gallery openings aren’t your cup of tea, Silverlake Art Craft + Vintage is hosting their monthly “I heart Vintage” craft event on Saturday, where local venders come and sell homemade goods. If you’re trying to save money, just go take a peak and be inspired. While you’re there, take a walk along Sunset and check out the local shops. Oh yeah, and food trucks!

If you’re dying to do something a little more main stream, at 8:30p on October 10th at the Orpheum Theater Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hosting the Fall Formal with his collaborative production company, Not only is Joseph adorable and talented but he’s doing a great service to the artistic community. Check out his page.

Food+ Drink:

One of my favorite places to have a fancy dinner (Luna Park) and one of my favorite board game-themed bars (Henry’s Hat) happen to be sister restaurants and this Saturday if you go into either place and say “Weekday Brunch” to your waiter, you’ll get 50% off all food! What an awesome deal.

Thrillist is offering pizza and 90 minutes of unlimited craft brews  for $18 each! Such a good deal and it ends in 6 days. Check out the link and hit GET IT!

Per usual, if you are looking for bar game nights this weekend, Little Bar has a lively trivia night starting at 7:30p on Saturday. They do not serve food which means you can bring in whatever you want. Luna Park happens to be located across the street (check out the details above to get 50% off), maybe grab some grub and then head over to the Little Bar to test out the ol’ noggin. They also offer a Sunday dart tournament. On Sunday Bigfoot Lounge should be doing their Sunday night bingo! Call ahead to confirm the times.

Okay, I have supplied you with PLENTY to do this weekend. I didn’t even include all the plays and other (more costly, but still awesome) cultural events happening around LA this weekend. If you’re still struggling with what to do this weekend here’s an awesome idea: throw a boxed-wine tasting party. It sounds lame, but friends of mine did it once and it was SO much fun. Everyone invited brings a unique boxed-wine and the host provides tacky cheeses and crackers (ie. cut up string cheese on a ritz cracker). The tackier the better! Everyone does a tasting and the winner is whoever brought the best boxed-wine (come up with some super tacky prize). It’ll be memorable, for sure.