So it’s officially, official! Tickets are all booked! In July I am meeting up with my sister (As Her World Turns)┬áin Kenya where she and I will go to Tanzania and hike Kilimanjaro with Zara Tours. After that we join Nomad Tours for a 10 day safari. I won’t be bringing my computer, which means I won’t be live-posting anything to the blog during that time…. BUT you can follow me on twitter and instagram and facebook as I’ll be live-updating photos of the excursion. My sister and I will both be tagging everything #SistersOnSafari, so if you search that hashtag you’ll get to see both of our updates in real time. When I’m back of course I will share all of it here on Life Absorbed. Check out my sisters POST about her upcoming 4 months in Africa, as I’m only joining her for 3 weeks of it.

Now I know this trip is still 6.5 weeks away (!! that actually feels soon!) and I’ll update you with all this info right before I leave, but I’m just excited to officially hare the news with you. Happy Thursday everyone!