Comedy Bang Bang (July 24, 2012)

In continuation of Comedy Wednesday, after I went to Doug Loves Movies at UCB, that meant I got a great seat at Comedy Bang Bang. I’ve been really lucky getting tickets. If you want to go, check out THIS website on Friday at noon when tickets go on sale. They sell out almost instantly so get’em if you can.

We had the great honor of being audience members on a night when the host wasn’t your average host. Instead of a comedy newcomer, we had comedy legend Steve Agee! How cool is that?! You probably know Steve Agee from The Sarah Silverman Program or as a comedy writer writing for Jimmy Kimmel Live! Even if you’ve never heard of him, he’s awesome and you should look him up. I haven’t seen him perform stand up in probably over a year, so this was a treat.

My cell phone camera actually sorta worked that night. Score! Here’s a clip of Steve acting on The Sarah Silverman Program.


The next comedian you might know from the podcasting realm since he’s on Professor Blastoff with Tig Notaro and Kyle Dunnigan. Did you guess him? It’s David Huntsberger. I must say he was very adorable. It was my first time seeing him in person, so as a comedy enthusiast I was very excited. 

Here’s a video of David doing a bit similar to what he did at CBB on Tuesday about your brain and dreams. Very funny, and worth a listen.


This was an AWESOME night of comedy because next up was the lovely Mary Lynn Rajskub. The last time I saw her perform she was just about 9 months pregnant. I will never forget the bits she did that night, as they really stick with me. When she came out on stage on Tuesday, I was trying to figure out how long it’s been since I’ve seen her. My guess was 1 maybe 2 years? In her act she said her son is 4! 4 years since I’ve last seen her?! Insanity. She was fantastic and I hope she does more shows around LA.


Up next? Morgan Murphy! She’s written a ton of shows you probably watch (2 Broke Girls, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! to name a few). She was excellent. My favorite bit she did involved pulling an audience member on stage.

His name is Damian and he’s 12. Why is he at a comedy club at 10:30p on a Tuesday? I have no clue. But the Dad got quite a ribbing from the comedians. He was sitting in the front row so it was hard to miss and all the comedians made not of it. Morgan Murphy set-up the bit to be like a “celebrity interview”, having Damian read from the cards. Basically he just repeatedly asks her out and says how great she is. It was an awesome bit that really worked because Damian was 12. It’s hard to imagine how she would have don’t that without him there. I loved it! And Damian was really sweet and a team player. He didn’t cower away in fear or become aggressive when the comedians talked to him. I find many adults don’t even act that level headed in a comedy club. 


Next up was Kumail Nanjiani, who is awesome. He was also the guest on Doug Loves Movies so we just got to see him before the show started. Click HERE to hear about that and to learn more about Kumail.


Last night was also my first time getting to see Jim Hamilton perform. He has a “kooky” way about him. He has a one-eye-bigger-than-the-other look on his face when he does his act, which is mainly one-liners. He has a comedy album coming out on July 31, called Poems About The Ocean. His Album release party is tomorrow at R Bar in Koreatown. Should be a fun time!


     Matt Braunger was the closer for the night. I have to say, he was looking very trim. I’ve actually run into him around LA and he looked so trim and put-together at CBB. I’m mighty impressed. He’s definitely becoming more “tv friendly”, which hopefully means we will get to see more of him on tv! He currently has a reoccurring role on Up All Night. Just to show you just how good he looks, for his video I’m going to include one from four years ago. Damn, right?! I’m so impressed. 

Recap: Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Pageant 2011

The Comedy Bang Bang Christmas Show 2011, was amazing per usual. It was in a larger venue this year, the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood. Thankfully the theater was pretty intimate dispite being 20 time the size of UCB. I purchased a $30 General admission ticket, and got a pretty good seat with my group of 5 friends along the left side of the theater. Scott Aukerman hosted the show, of course, and began by encouraging people to move around during the show and take advantage of the giveaways in the lobby and the food trucks outside. This part was a great improvement from UCB, because at UCB there was never a food option and only 2 bathrooms. Inevdiably, patrons would need to sneak out at the start of a comedians set and be called out for “leaving”. Thankfully, at this large venue with people going in and out you felt less self conscious about that.

I need to apologize to you and to myself, because my camera is in the shop and I was forced to take cell phone pictures of the event. Lately my cell phone has been acting funny, and nearly half the photos I took (aka, the in-focus pics) didn’t save to the camera for some reason. So you are about to see the best of the worst. Good luck.

Scott Aukerman

Here is Scott Aukerman introducing the show. How hot did he look last night!? He was so handsome in his suit and his hair so perfectly quaffed. Serious stud-muffin… that Kulap is one lucky lady. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Scott started out writing for The Mr. Show and is who I would call, the George Washington of Comedy. He’s not old, and this is purely meant as a compliment. Scott has done so much for the comedy community. He and BJ Porter started Comedy Death Ray, which is now Comedy Bang Bang back in 2002 and it’s been such a great way to expose great stand up comedians to and audience that can’t afford to go to large expensive venues every week. Scott and Jeff Ulrich started Earwolf, which is a comedy podcasting channel. Through this channel many indie comedians can post podcasts every week from LA, that people all over the world can listen to. Throughout his career he’s been trying to make indie comedians more accessible to the public and he’s taken a leadership role in trying to organize the comedy community. The most impressive part is that he’s done a lot of these things without a lot of recognition, he does it because he cares about indie comedy. Thank you Scott Aukerman.

Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins (as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber) sang their own version of Father Christmas Is Coming To Town. Sir Webber is a frequent visitor on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast.

Nick Kroll started off the night as the first stand up comic to take the mic. You might know him from The League or as one of his many characters (my favorite is Fabrice, Fabrice).

Jen Kirkman was up next.

Scott lowered the mic for the next comedian, Jimmy Pardo. Jimmy killed it as usual. Jimmy has the podcast “Never Not Funny” which sponsored the event. He works on the Conan O’brian Show as the crowd emcee. On tv shows made in front of a live audience (specifically where they record the laugh track) they need a live emcee to keep the crowd pumped up and energized between takes. This is the PERFECT job for Jimmy Pardo because he is great with an audience. He doesn’t even need to prepare bits because all he has to do is talk with an audience member and it’s always hilarious.

Adam Scott (Party Down, Parks and Recreation, Step Brothers) came on stage where he pretended to be a presenter at the SAG Awards. Scott and Adam are good friends and podcast together often, so I’m not surprised he attended. Considering Adam Scott is not a stand-up, this was the perfect skit for him to be apart of on stage.

Marc Maron came up next, where he did what he does best and “got real”. Marc is great storyteller and has a way about talking to the audience as if you’re a small group of friends at a party. He even took out an email and read it, very much like he does on his podcast, WTF with Marc Maron.

Bob Odenkirk was a great follow up to Marc Maron, because they couldn’t be further apart on the comedy scale. Bob was very funny with light puns and more “jokie” jokes. Much lighter than Marc’s story telling. Both so funny and yet so different. By the way, Bob is from the Mr. Show with Bob (Odenkirk) and David (Cross).

Next up, Kumail Nanjiani.

Scott broke up the stand-up comedy routine by having his friend Weird Al perform. Weird Al literally made love to the audience and it was fantastic.

Sarah Silverman did her set next.

After Sarah, Todd Glass took the stage which was followed by…


Andy Daly came out as one of his characters who is a children’s theater director (think creepy old guy with authority around kids).

Brian Posehn came out next. He’s the first of three members of the Comedians of Comedy that came out that night. I apologize for this terrible photo.

Andy Kinder was up next.

Anthony Jeselnik was the only comedian of the night I’d never seen perform live before, and he was really funny too.

Neil Hamburger even came out for the night.

TIG! She’s always great. I’m going to see her on Friday night at Largo as part of Sarah Silverman’s Show.

Patton Oswalt! He’s one of my favorite comedians. He was clearly exhausted but did a solid set.

David Kochner (The Office, Anchorman) came out as a character making topical jokes.

Garfunkle and Oates sand their gocart song and then rapped about handjobs. They do regular performances at UCB, where they perform a bunch of songs and it’s an awesome show to see. They are a little timid on stage when they speak and it’s fun to see them be so lively when they sing.

Next up, Matt Braunger.

Maria Bamford hit the stage after Matt, and it’s unfortunately at this point that I had to leave (12:15?). I get up so early for work and when I left the theater I still had to walk back to my car. My goal was to stay and see Maria (because she’s awesome) and the last 4 performers I’d seen perform a bunch of times at UCB.

So alas, my CBB Christmas event is over until 2012. Thankfully I have Largo on friday (Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die is performing! Paul Rust, Harris Wittels, Michael Cassady). 3 giant comedy events in one week, isn’t life great?