Thursday Is The “Third-Day”

I hope you understand the title because it’s a great scene from Friends: “Monday, one-day. Tuesday, two-day. Wednesday, What?Where?Huh? Thursday, the third-day” – Joey Tribiani counting the days of the week.

I’ve been working on the Weekend Guide today and boy are there some fun things happening this weekend. Get ready LA! In the meantime I thought I would share this little gem. It’s a video from a Canadian show where in this episode the host follows a guide who has to tag bears for a living…  BEARS! (Don’t worry, they don’t hurt the bears.) The host is hysterical and the cubs are so adorable. Happy Thursday 🙂

Thursday Plans?

Are you looking for something to do this Thursday?

Gallery 1988 Melrose: Gallery 1988 is having an opening at their Melrose location on Thursday night to celebrate the “Please Post Bills” exhibit featuring work about Bill Murray. You heard me right, an entire gallery filled with images of Bill Murray. It’s going to be epic.


The Heart, She Holler @ the Silent Movie Theater: Do you love Patton Oswalt as much as I do? He’s going to be screening his new live action soap opera (airing on Adult Swim). The screening is Thursday and starts at 9p, $10 for non-Cinafamily Members. Patton will be in attendance as well as director Vernon Chatman. I’ve got my ticket and you should go and get tickets HERE! If it sell out, at least check out the trailer below.

AFI Fest: AFI is throwing their free festival from Nov. 3-10 and the full list of films being previewed can be found HERE. In attendance will be Leo DiCaprio for a screening of J.Edgar at Grauman’s Theater.

Taken from the AFI Fest website