Cheap Theater Tickets

My sister wrote a great article for Head Shot Magazine about inexpensive ways to see theater in LA. Check out the article HERE. Erica sees everything that comes to LA, so take her advice. She’s also a (self admitted) frugal person and knows about every deal out there when it comes to live entertainment. Do your wallet a favor, read her article and spend the weekend at the theater!

Addition to the Weekend Guide

Some Saturday events have come to my attention that you should all know about:

The Independent Shakespeare Co. is doing a performance of Two Men From Verona at 5pm and 8pm. It says tickets are $20, but if you mention the word crabs when buying them, you can get $10 tickets! Cocktails and men dressed as women, go and enjoy! Get tickets HERE.

If Shakespeare isn’t your thing, the Sunset Beer Company has their grand opening tonight from 6-10p. Tunes will be spun by Mr.Cocoon. Here’s the INFO.

Well, now I’ve given you 2 more cheap options that will get you off your butt! No excuses, get out there!