Manic Monday

It’s Monday again and after a busy day I’m starting to plan out my blogging for the week and it’s going to be gooood. Thank you to Golden Road Brewery for posting about my blog on Saturday and for my new readers, welcome to Life Absorbed. Get ready for a post about Saturday night in Hollywood and my Sunday Tibetan meal followed by Chinese New Year celebrations.

So did you go to any of the events listed in my weekend guide? No? Fear not, many of the coolest events are happening all week (aka Pacific Standard Time exhibit and Chinese New Year celebrations).

Since today was a “Manic Monday” (titular moment), I’ll have to leave you with this until tomorrow. After a few showers on Saturday morning the sky cleared and it ended up being beautiful. I bought a 6lb medicine ball at Big 5, and took a walk while carrying/tossing the medicine ball. I highly recommend it and it gave my arms a great workout.

I walked a few times this weekend and as you can tell from the pictures the sky was so pretty. On one of my walks I even bumped into Andy Garcia, who was very nice and polite. You never know what could happen on a walk.

The Canby + Cadillac Building + Canoga Park Bowl

After our 94th Areo Squadron meal, we headed over to the Japanese Garden in Van Nuys (Lake Balboa area) but as it was a holiday, the gardens were closed. So we moved along to the next thing from our LA Bizarro book, the “Cadillac building” on Ventura and Corbin in the valley. And according to THIS Craiglist ad, the retail space is available to rent, so you could call this building your home!

I feel like you could walk past the building and not think anything of it, but now that I know it’s a cadillac, that’s all I can see when I look at it.

After the Cadillac building we hit up one of the many dive bars in the book, The Canby. I know what you’re thinking, 2:30p is a tad early to be in a dive bar on a Monday but keep in mind our other activity was closed for the holiday and that left us no choice. We were there with some hardcore dive bar attenders, and we were clearly being eyed as we were the only 2 females and the only people under 45 in the bar. The bar had a few pool tables, a jukebox, and a microwave (why?) in addition to your standard bar and a few tv’s with sports shows on. When we had our fill of The Canby, we moved on to another venue: Canoga Park Bowl.

Ill admit, this bowling alley is in the book for its dive bar but Amber and I decided to bowl 2 games. With my personal goal set at 70 for each game, I got 88 the first game and I broke 100 the second game (I’m patting myself on my back as we speak). I had to ask the attendant what ball he would have a morbidly obese child use, as all the light balls had tiny finger holes, but he didn’t have any “specialty balls” (his words). So I stuck it out with my heavy ball, and my arms are still paying for it.

Once the clock struck 5pm, the bar opened in the alley and Amber and I made our way over. This bar had a circular lower level with amps set-up and as the bartender explained, this is were bands play and they have karaoke nights. As far as bowling alley bars go, this was pretty large and elaborate.

At around 6:30, Amber and I called it a day and headed out. We crossed some dive bars off the list, as well as a delicious restaurant, visited a car shaped building and bowled a couple games. I would call that a successful Monday.