The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes

It’s about time Pete Holmes got his own show! Well, he’s got a pilot (for TBS) which is step one to getting your own show, and considering Conan is backing him, that must feel pretty amazing.

Yesterday, I attended the live taping of The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes in Conan’s Studio at Warner Brothers. Since I’m funemployed, I thought this would be a fun FREE thing to get me out of the house and it was an excellent decision. I went alone (because everyone I know is at work at 4pm on a Tuesday) and did my fair share of people watching. Pete definitely attracts a male audience with the average age of 23 (I would guess). Since everyone goes to these things with friends (and I mean that- everyone), and me being a single ticket, it meant I got pushed up to the front to fill a prime single seat. I was sitting high enough to see over the cameras, but on the first row of the section (along the aisle), so plenty of leg room. I was sitting in the friends and family section and even recognized last week’s host of Comedy Bang Bang (Shawn Pearlman) sitting 5 seats down from me.

Get excited for this show! I’m not going to give away details, but expect stand-up, video sketches, and celebrity interviews. My favorite sketch of the night was a video of Pete doing a James Bond themed commercial for Smirnoff Vodka… very Vitameatavegamin (I Love Lucy). I was choking, I was laughing so hard.

There’s still a chance for you to attend the live taping! Click HERE to reserve FREE tickets to another taping (there are 2 more!). And Pete, if you are reading this: I’m 26, single and I love a funny man.