Superego Live


As it’s Comedy Wednesday today, it’s only fitting that I share this VERY long overdue post about a podcast called Superego. They perform their improv podcast live at UCB and I was lucky enough to attend.


When I agreed to go to this live show I had never heard the podcast before and didn’t do any research. I really came to this with a clean slate. When I took my seat I was seeing what’s in the photo above. So mysterious.

(Left-right: Jeremy Carter, Mark McConville and Matt Gourley)

I quickly learned that while the podcast is improvised, there is a clear outline and prerecorded sound cues that makes this improv feel organized and professional. They did an excellent job coordinating the prerecorded sounds within the unpredictable improv.


The special guests for this episode are Paul F Tompkins and Brian Stack (centered) who are both excellent improvisors.


They are very smart fast improvisors and I highly recommend seeing them live at UCB if you can snag a ticket.