Cafe Stella

Before I get into my Easter Sunday brunch post, I thought I would start by mentioning that Jimmy Pardo (who is a hilarious comedian) is doing The Writers Room at Meltdown Comics on Sunset. The show is $5 in advance or $7 at the door. Get more info HERE!

Okay, back to Easter.

I picked up my sister early on Sunday so we could go to Silver Lake for breakfast before church. My sister gave me this awesome Easter basket. We continued on to Silver Lake to visit Cafe Stella (next to Intelligentsia).

It was a beautiful morning. We were in our Easter best (since we were going to church after breakfast, we kept it classy).

Since church starts at 10:30am, we wanted to allow for crowds at breakfast so we got there right at 9am. As you can tell by the photo above, the place just opened and was very quiet. It was so adorable and I’m shocked that I’ve lived in LA so long and haven’t been here. There was an outdoor patio and an indoor bar area, which looked equally as cute as the patio. We chose patio because the weather was so gorgeous.

I ordered their cappuccino (above). How adorable is that? Even their coffee is classy
and comes from Intelligentsia next door. Erica ordered the veggie plate (which had pesto drizzled on it) and grilled bread. She and I split an order of truffle oil fries. So good. Get the fries.

I ordered the baked eggs with spinach and goat cheese. This was recommended to me by Michelle and I highly recommend it to you! I loved it. This meal was delicious. There were a bunch of items on the menu I wanted to try, so I’ll have to go back.


Bar Hopping in Hollywood

I must preface this post by saying that while I have lived in LA for 2.5 years, I have never really experienced Hollywood on a Saturday night. I come to Hollywood every day for work, I have gone out at 8pm on a Friday night for drinks after work, and even went to one Saturday night birthday at a bar, but I never truly experienced what Hollywood on a Saturday night is really about. There were tour busses in front of restaurants/ night clubs. The smell of daddy issues was thick in the air, as girls in headband-sized dresses and GaGa-heels waited on street corners. It was definitely a new experience for me, and as a blog keeper I must share it with you.

We started by finding street parking, which was not easy at 11p on a Saturday. We ended up parking along Carlos Ave between Bronson and Gower. I recommend this area if you carpooled and don’t want to pay for a lot. It’s a little bit of a walk to get to the heart of Hollywood and it’s not the safest to walk alone.

We began our night at the Frolic Room (which is in my L.A. Bizarro book). The bouncer knew some patrons by sight, so I’m guessing this dive bar is the type that locals frequent. The crowd had a few rough characters and the rest were your classic 20-something year old hipsters and “normies” (aka normal average people).

From this picture it’s hard to tell but the place was packed. It also had surprisingly clean bathrooms for a dive bar. I should mention that this bar hopping event happened because my good friend Karen is leaving LA. She has a few weeks left and put together an itinerary of things she needs to do in LA before she leaves. Youll learn more about this events since I signed up for several and will be blogging about them. This night crossed off “bar hop in Hollywood” from her list. Can I just say that making a city bucket list shouldn’t just be reserved for people moving out of town. I wish my friends all made lists like Karen’s because then we would all constantly doing fun things. Preaching over, but seriously, make a bucket list and invite me along.

After leaving the Frolic Room. On to the next!

After leaving the Frolic Room we continued on our journey but the places we passed were so packed, that finding a bar to accommodate our group of 6 was tricky. Once we ended up in front of the packed Piano Bar, we backtracked to Stout which we could tell wasn’t packed. We got a booth perfect for 5 (we lost one). I had the Mint Chocolate Bootleggers stout.

My sister and I split their amazing bread pudding. I’m not a bread pudding person, it’s just not for me. This bread pudding was unreal. It had chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. It was still warm from being freshly made for us and had a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. It was perfect for 2 people and even had some to share with the group. Once this finished out our night around 2p, we headed back to our cars as the clubs were letting out. So many stupid people on the streets.

I’m so glad I participated in Saturdays festivities and I got to experience a side of LA I hadn’t before. Now I can also cross that off my city-bucket list.

Monday Funday

What did you end up doing this weekend? Leave a comment if you did something we should all know about… especially if it was a fun reoccurring event.

Last week was so crazy (adjusting back to the work schedule and all) so I allowed myself Friday night to vegg-out, watch some TV and hit the hay. It was fantastic and we all deserve a night like that.

On Saturday I got a text from the lovely Amber that she was available for a nighttime excursion so we decided to attend the grand opening event at Sunset Beer Company. They had a food truck out front and a wall of fridges filled with cold beer you can get to-go or purchase and enjoy on one of their couches. Amber is a beer expert, so she gave me the rundown of what I should get. They had a DJ spinning tunes from 8-9p and then a live band started up around 9-10p. The entire place consists of 2 rooms, one for buying beer to-go and the other with a small bar and lounge style seating. The event had a great turn out. Did you go? What did you think? They seemed unprepared for the number of attendees. There was one place to purchase beer, which meant long lines and once you purchased the beer you had to get in another line to get them to open the bottle and get you a glass (quite a process). But once you maneuvered the lines there was a fair amount of room to snag a spot to watch the band. It was a very fun free (except for the cost of the beer) event. Overall, I really enjoyed myself and recommend checking this place out.

From there we crossed the street to check out the opening of Villainy General Store, a cute little shop along Sunset. They had good prices on hipstery gifts ranging from artwork and ponchos to old school candy cigarettes and soaps. The highlight for me were the break-up greeting cards (example: “God wants me to see other people. Correction: God wants me to stop seeing you”). They also had a nice food spread to celebrate the opening. At this point it was just after 10pm and we decided to walk up Sunset to Tony’s Darts Away sister restaurant: Mohawk Bend.

A visit to Mohawk Bend is a long time in the works for me. I love Tony’s Darts Away, so when I heard they were opening a sister restaurant in Echo Park I was dying to check it out. Unfortunately, every time I was scheduled to go something would always come up.

Thankfully, the stars aligned on Saturday night and Amber and I had a great visit. We got there pretty late in the night which meant the 20 minute wait we were told to expect was more like a 5 minute wait (just enough time to grab a Coffee Citizen beer by Cismontane). Just like Tony’s, their beer list was about 3 pages long. Once seated we wrestled with what to order (as all of it sounded fantastic). We decided on the Bittersweet Symphony pizza (radicchio, sweet peppers, and smoked mozzarella) to share (perfect for 2) with a side of rosemary seasoned fries. The food bill came out to under $20. Great food, great beer, great prices. I can promise you Amber and I will be back.

Other deals in the area to be aware of: Barragan’s offers Wednesday night margaritta deals. Get there early and snag a spot on their rooftop patio. After that head to Gold Room next door for their cheap shots and free tacos. If you’re in the mood to dance, Short Stop has a dance floor without the creepiness that comes with a nightclub and they are located a little east along Sunset. Across from Short Stop on the inside corner of the strip mall is Sunset Beer Company, which as I learned this weekend, is a great place to get unique bottled beer for a good price. From there head back west on Sunset for about 5/10 minutes and hit Mohawk Bend on the north side of the street for a great meal. I don’t recommend all of these places in one night, but plan your night around hitting a few of these spots and you won’t be disappointed.