Do This Today: Art Night Pasadena

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I hope the sky clears up because tonight from 6-10pm is Art Night Pasadena! Coolhaus and the India Jones food truck will be in attendance. Free shuttles will loop around Pasadena. Get ready for a free night of music, art, and fun!

Event: Art Night Pasadena (event link)
Location: Colorado and Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena (see map above)
Time: Friday March 8th, 6-10pm
Cost: FREE

The Los Feliz Street Fair

This is my third installment of LA fairs (Silver Lake Jubilee and the Franklin Festival being the first two), this time tackling the Los Feliz Street Fair. The heat made today a challenge, but I still got in some great exercise and attended this local community event. I parked far, far, far away. Practically not in LA. Okay, that’s a lie, but I parked miles away to avoid traffic and also force myself to get in a good walk. I walked quite a distance along Franklin and got to see some fun sidewalk graffiti on my way to the main event.

You know me and textures/colors. I love the above and below photos. It’s true, “a little smile never hurt anybody” -the sidewalk.

I HAD to stop in Wackos. That place is like a sensory overload, but also so fun. If you’re in the neighborhood, you have to pay a visit. It’s a great gag-gift shop also with an excellent book collection. I took a look at Bohemian Modern: Living in Silver Lake, and after all my Secret Stair walks I recognize most of these homes. I’m going to add this book to my birthday wish list (which is coming up scary fast!). Ugh, I wish I owned a house, someday. At least I can read the books and see the homes on my walks.

Look at the fun trapeze set-up they had! It only cost $8 to play in this, which was fun for kids and adults. They also had a bunch of carnival rides which made this fair unique compared to the Jubilee and Franklin Festival.

Such a colorful event. There were 3 rows of tents, so lots of local artists, vendors and restaurants were represented at the event. There was only one food truck (given the Food Fest at the Rose Bowl this weekend) but that worked well for the local restaurants which is really what it’s about (celebrating the neighborhood).

The heat was a challenge to say the least, so despite the photo below showing a nonexistent crowd, there were actually a lot of people watching from under the shade of the sidewalk lined trees. The shade just happened to be far from the stage, which is unfortunate, but the shade felt ten degrees cooler.

This last photo below I took on the long walk back to my car. It makes me smile, as I think of myself as an artful walker 🙂

The Franklin Festival 2012

The Silver Lake Jubilee is a hard blog post to follow, particularly because this post is all about last weekends Franklin Festival. The Franklin Festival was a much smaller event and shouldn’t really be compared to the Jubilee. Think of the Jubilee as Woodstock and the Festival as a neighborhood block party. Both are fun, but very different.

Last years Franklin Festival was part craft vendors, part music, part comedy and this year the one missing ingredient was comedy (my favorite ingredient). The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre is right in Franklin Village and this year they did not participate in the event. Who knows why, but they were definitely missed (by me at least).

The festival was small, spanning the one-block width of Franklin Village (from the Daily Planet to The Oaks along Franklin Ave). They had one food truck, maybe 20 craft tents and one small stage for local music acts.

The event was really about bringing out the neighborhood and having them learn about the local vendors.

The tents were filled with goodies and you would be proud of me, I didn’t buy any crafts. Oh boy I wanted to, but funemployment has me grasping at my purse strings.

The Celebrity Scientology Center was even having an open house. That’s not something I subscribe to, so I declined the invite in.

I must admit, my photos are misleading and there were a lot of people here at the festival. It was well attended but not over crowded. There were local bands playing (none I had heard of) which was a fun backround noise to the event. I’m sure if I stayed until dark the crowd would have gotten more into the music, but it really felt like everyone there was people watching (including myself). I even recognized a guy who was standing next to me at the Jubilee, there in The Bourgeois Pig. Not only was I people watching, but DOGGIE watching too!

I feel it most fitting that the post about the Franklin Festival be an introduction to Franklin Village itself.

If we were reading the Village like a book, it would start with The Daily Planet. This is where locals stop in to grab the morning paper before jumping into the Bourgeois Pig for their morning organic free-trade latte. This was the first time I noticed the Daily Planet has a cute section of gifty items. I’m going to make a mental note to stop in there when I need something unique or a fun card for someone.

The Bourgeois Pig, which I mentioned above, has a make-out forest that can’t be missed. So get your coffee and drink it in the make-out room. It’s seriously a forest. They also have a restroom which is perfect for those nights of waiting in long lines at UCB.

The red awning in the above photo covers the patio at Birds. Birds has a lot of meat items (get the name?) so I haven’t eaten there. But they do have a fun bar with happy hour deals, which I have partaken in. It’s a fun vibe, not pretentious at all.

Next down the line, and not in the photo above, is Franklin & Company. This restaurant/bar just replaced Prizzi’s (which is now in Burbank) and I have not been there yet. Judging by the folding chalkboard they have out on the sidewalk with tons of local breweries listed, I’m guessing Ill enjoy it. From what I’ve heard, the food is pricy but it’s worth dropping in for a beer. Maybe a beer on the patio to do a little people watching? Sounds like a fun Sunday.

Then of course, the Upright Citizen’s Brigade which I’m at at least once a week. If you want to learn more about the theater in my other blog posts click HERE.

Tai Yo Sushi is next to UCB. This place is a tad pricy compared to my normal sushi joint, but it has inventive rolls, good atmosphere, and they do take out which is perfect for waiting in those UCB lines too.

There is the clothing store Native and Real Raw Live (a juice bar) before you hit Counterpoint Records and Books. This is a great new and used bookstore and in a time when Amazon and Barnes + Noble’s ruling the world, it’s nice to see a local book store still in it’s place.

Beyond that is La Poubelle which I’ve never eaten at. The place looks fancy and is more of a place-to-be-seen, which makes it hard for me to really take seriously. I imagine the Italian food is delicious, it’s just that the people I see eating on the patio as I walk by (the 100’s of times I’ve walked by) are really not my type of scene. It’s definitely not LA on a budget, so it’s not even LifeAbsorbed friendly. Any who, if you want a fancy night out maybe it’s worth a look.

Capping off this block is The Oaks Gourmet. This little shop is a gourmet market, a little pricey (cause it’s gourmet), but they have tasty pizzas that are shareable and a nice people watching spot with picnic tables overlooking Franklin Ave.

The last place in this stretch worth mentioning is a block down past the Gelsons super market. It’s called Locali, and I had my first visit there during the Franklin Festival. I ordered a half-sandwich (which is really the size of a normal sandwich), which was prepared fresh in front of me and delicious. It’s very vegan, organic and glutten-free friendly. They sell market items as well so you can get some groceries while they make you a fresh kale salad. I really enjoyed this market and the staff was very friendly.