Saturday Adventures



Sometimes you need to get out and explore! It was that kind of weekend here in Los Angeles. You’ll get a full recap this upcoming week, but day trips outside LA are cheap and full of surprises. Our friends back east a super snowed in, and if that doesn’t convince you to take advantage of this warm winter Saturday, what will?

Weekend Guide October 12 + 13 + 14

Due to a bad/spotty internet and a rushed day at work, I’m going to have to give you the abbreviated version of the Weekend Guide. Sorry bout that, but there are some gems!

The weekend is the LA Podcasting Festival downtown. If you are like me and love podcasts (specifically the comedy ‘casts) come check out this event and meet the faces behind the voices. It’s all weekend, so check the schedule to see your favs.

Tonight there is an outdoor Grand Park movie screening of The Goonies with festivities starting at 5:30p. Pack up a picnic, hop on the metro and head downtown to watch this classic film. Over on the west side? Check out the Santa Monica’s Pier screening of Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Jesse Miller’s Talk Show is tonight at the Improv Lab, with special guest Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks) and lots more. You’ll have fun and it’s only $5.

Do you have Space Shuttle fever? If you missed it flying across LA, don’t miss your chance to see it driven to it’s final resting spot at the California Science Center.

The OohLaLa Festival is happening this weekend around Los Angeles. This festival is a showcase of French bands playing all around LA. Check HERE for the schdule. At least if you can’t make any of the shows you can find them on itunes and get cultured. Oui Oui!

If you’ve never been to the Walt Disney Music Hall (like me), then their “Where The Wild Things” event this weekend might be the perfect opportunity to experience the LA Philharmonic. Tickets range for $18-$180, and check here for availability.

On Sunday from 11a -5pm the LA Antiques, Art and Design Show is happening at the Santa Monica Hangar. It’s a bit pricy ($20) but you’re supporting the arts and hopefully getting inspired.

Sunday night at El Cid is a new comedy show called “El Show!”. It’s a $10 suggested donation (it goes to the Livestrong Foundation), tons of comedians including the NYC based Dan Mintz, Trevor Moore, Eric Andrea, Kyle Mooney, Jon Dore… basically, you need to be there.

Weekend Guide October 5 + 6 + 7

Now that Im back as a workin’-stiff, I’m definitely counting down the days until the weekend and it’s finally here! My prayers have been answered! This is a fun Weekend Guide full of (free or cheap) festivals!

Weekend Guide September 28 + 29 + 30

This is painful to do… especially because there are some fun activities going on this weekend… but since I will be without internet all day, I have no choice. Your weekend Guide is going to be abbreviated and pitiful. I’m sorry. It’s painful to do this, but I don’t have a choice. Here’s what I’ve got:

Eat See Hear is hosting an outdoor screening of The Wizard of Oz tonight at the Santa Monica Pier. This series will continue all month and it’s called Front Porch Cinema at the Pier.

This weekend is the Italian Feast of San Gennaro. It’s an Italian food festival happening all weekend. Single-day passes are only $5! There are all sorts of events like bocce and bingo! There are some celebrity guests too. See if you can stop in any day this weekend.

If you need more comedy in your life, the Meltdown Theater is hosting Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman’s album release. Starts at 8pm and tickets are $8 in advance HERE. These guys are awesome, so Im sure this will be a good time.

Carmageddon Saturday!!! Ahhhhh!

The Chinese Moon Festival is this weekend and Chinatown is celebrating! Check out the link for all the details.

The Warehouse in Echo Park has a re-opening celebration happening on Saturday at 7pm. Why not hit the store and check out other neighborhood favorites like Mohawk Bend? Maybe catch a show at the Echo?

I was going to tell you about a Beer Week Festival at Union Station, but I’m told tickets are no longer available. So scratch that… or see if you can talk your way in. IT’s a little pricy ($50), but if you love beer, it’s a don’t-miss.

My last Weekend Guide Event is sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine and it’s Museum Day Live! Go to that link, and search for local museums that are participating. Get your ticket from the website, print, and off to the museum you go. It’s FREE! Museums can be expensive, so take advantage of this Sunday!

Weekend Guide Sept 14 + 15 + 16

I’m sorry to say, this weeks Weekend Guide is sub-par. I’ve got so much going on and there aren’t a tremendous amount of events going on, so instead of my normal weekend guide it’s going to be abbreviated. Very abbreviated.  Here’s the haps:

On Saturday, Lobsterfest is happening at the Port of LA (San Pedro). Lobsters and live music, tickets are expensive but it’ll be fun. The Sunset Beer Company is having their 1 year anniversary with live music and food trucks on Saturday night. Barnsdall Art Park is doing their wine tasting night on Saturday. At 6:30pm, Poolside is performing at the Getty Center. Fun fun!

On Sunday, why not check out Jenny Holzer’s show at L&M Arts or Natalie Portman: The Musical.

This is all I’ve got right now. I’m super apologetic, but I’m out of town this weekend and still need to pack! Have an awesome weekend folks!


Weekend Guide Dec. 16 + 17 +18

The weekend is upon us, are you ready for it? I’m sure you’ll all be busy running around doing last minute holiday things… but check out all of these events if you can. Hopefully you got your ticket to the Sarah Silverman show at Largo tonight, because they have already sold out. I will be there, but if you are out of luck, chck out these other events instead.

FRIDAY Dec. 16th:

Olvera Street is having their holiday fair and nightly candle light procession tonight. The celebration begins at 5:30p and get ready to sing some carols (in English + Spanish) and crack some pinata’s.

If Olvera Street is too far away, and you want to stick to the valley, check out NoHo Commons Holiday Party. Check out the artwork of Cella Gallery and Rico Adair Gallery and enjoy some free beverages.

SATURDAY Dec. 17th:

This 826 LA sounds awesome. On Dec 17, the Spread The Word fundraiser is happening at the Mark Moore Gallery. Tickets are $25 and this includes listening to a set by DJ Mister Amigo and Jason Bentley as well as free beer tasting and yummy food trucks. Artwork is for sale by a bunch of awesome artists, and from what I hear it’s all at awesome prices. This is a great place to pick up a gift for that unique relative that already owns one of everything. Check it out!

At 5pm on Saturday, the 3rd Annual Santa Monica Pub Crawl is happening for charity. So get your festive gear on and get ready to drink. Tickets are $10 and get all the info online HERE. There’s even unlimited bus rides for $4. Get a team together and get ready to have some scavenger hunt/ bar crawl fun.

The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce is putting on their Holiday Night Out this Saturday from 3-8pm. There will be family events, live music, free goodies and sales. Check out the website HERE for the full list of vendors and locations.

Cinefamily is having their 24 hour marathon fund-raising event this weekend.  Check out their full 24 hour list of events HERE. They have special guests and a ton of different types of events to choose from.

SUNDAY Dec. 18th:

Are you looking for some more holiday events to get you in the spirit? Check out Pershing Square this weekend and do some ice skating! Check their website for prices and hours HERE.

If theater is more your thing, The Santaland Diaries is having it’s last performance on Sunday at 2pm at the Stella Adler Theater. Advance tickets are $30 and student rush tickets are $30.

Katsuya Studio City: FAIL

Now before I get to the piece-de resistance of my weekend (aka. George Clooney) I want to talk about where I went after the NoHo Arts Festival. Four friends and I made reservations at Katsuya (Studio City) for dinner at 7:30p on Saturday night. They called to confirm the reservations on Saturday, and yes we confirmed out 7:30p reservations. I get it, 5 people is an odd number to accommodate but they were 100% forewarned. We arrived at 7:30p expecting a little wait (it was Saturday night at a tiny well-known restaurant). My sister and our friend Grace had been there before, so while we waited we discussed the dishes we had to order… we were ready to drop some serious cash.

They have all the reservations for the night listed on a board so you can see who still needs to be seated. And as you can imagine, this board was filled with names when we arrived and at 7:30p and when this photo was taken it was 9pm. The most iritiating part was the lousy customer service. The host apologised when we checked in with them after an hour of waiting, and said that the table we were waiting on was eating dessert and then we could be seated. Around 9pm I went up again and questioned a different hostest and pointed to our future table, who had JUST got their dessert.. which means the hostess mislead us before. It would clearly be another 30 minutes, because they needed to eat the giant dessert and pay their fare. I also need to point out that the hostess told us that we had to sit at that specific table because we are a group of 5, and that is all that is allowed. If this was truly the case, why were there currently only 3 people seated at the only table for 5? Based on when they were getting their dessert, they must have been seated at the table around 7pm. Now tell me this, why would you take a reservation for 7:30 for 5, when the only table that could fit 5 has someone being seated their at 7p?

Now here is when it gets really good. We decide we can’t keep waiting, we will split into a table of 3 and 2 so that at some point this evening, food could enter our mouths. We tell the hostess, we will split up. She has the gaul to come over to us and tell us a table for 4 was ready and that 1 person was going to have to eat alone. WHAT?! That’s when we said, “Hell No” and walked out.

Thankfully our evening was rectified when we walked down the street to find a very cool Tapas/Italian restaurant called La Loggia. We had planned on sharing sushi, so it seems only natural to do tapas and try several things. The service was great. When we asked if they had a table for 5, it was like the clouds opened up and light shone down on a table for 5 all set for us. We had all stared ourselves for the nights meal, so when we had to wait an additional hour and half, we were ready to eat anything he handed us. We order whatever the waiter recommended and it was amazing. We topped off the meal by sharing a banana/caramel pastry (so good, and I don’t normally like banana) and chocolate lava cake (OMG so good). It saved our night. Thank you La Loggia for giving us the great food and especially great service that Katsuya was unable to provide. I won’t be returning to Katsuya in Studio City, they just lost a customer who spends a lot of money on sushi. Their loss.