DIY: I Heart California Art

You know I love Pinterest (check out my pins!), and I’m big into Etsy and the local art fairs. I’m also a cheapskate who loves to make my own art and adapt ideas in a way that works for my own tastes. I’ve seen a ton of “California love” artwork, where there’s a cutout of California and a heart over the Los Angeles (or San Francisco).. or really you could do this with any state and any city. If you read the blog you know I love Los Angeles, so this art is right up my alley.


So to start off, I found a map of California online, sized it to fit my frame and then printed it and cut out the state.


Since I just brought this chevron paper from Paper Source and had some gray + pink felt, my color combo was born. I love reusing what I have. I have recently been getting into sewing, so I thought I would try sewing felt into paper and it worked! It really worked!


I used a thick white embroidery thread around the outside (where I wanted the stitches to stand out) and then a red thin thread on the heart, where I wanted the thread to blend in.


Doesn’t it add a nice pop of color and pattern to my collection?


My art collection is growing! I like the felt “heart LA” with the larger print of “I heart LA” on the left. It’s a variation on a theme. See all the chevron paper I have left… I smell another future art project!

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