Do This Today: “Only God Forgives” Soundtrack Signing at Origami Vinyl


I’m sorry the Do This Today is so delayed! I’ve got some big projects going on over here at Life Absorbed but I don’t mean to leave you hanging. I even have a comedy show to tell you all about. But in the meantime, hit up Origami Vinyl tonight from 7-8pm. Director and writer Nicolas Winding Refn and composer Cliff Martinez will be stopping by to sign the movie “Only God Forgives” soundtrack (Ryan Gosling’s new movie). They both worked on this film as well as Ryan Gosling’s “Drive”. Come say hi!

Event: “Only God Forgives” Soundtrack Signing (link)
Location: Origami Vinyl, 1816 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Thursday July 25, 2013, 7-8p

George Clooney

So as for my long awaited George Clooney post, here it is! I was invited by my sister to a special screening of The Ides Of March at the Film Academy, the new film directed (and acted in) by George Clooney. The film itself was a really great morality/political film starring Ryan Gosling (yum).  Check out the trailer here:

After the film George came out for a scheduled Q+A. Thankfully the interviewer was a knowledgeable columnist and had interviewed George many times before, so he didn’t seem nervous and knew intelligent questions to ask. I’ve been to some really ROUGH q+a’s, and thankfully this was smooth sailing. This most interesting thing I learned from it is that throughout the movie people keep meeting at noon.. it was a reoccurring element, and when an audience member asked for it’s significance, Clooney was honest. He said that when writing the screen play, noon was meant to be used as a placeholder (“so lets say these characters meet, okay then… meeting at noon”) and it wasn’t until the film was completed and being tested on audiences that they picked up on the repeated mention of that specific time. Such a funny accident. I must say that George Clooney was as confident, insightful, funny, casual, gorgeous and awesome as he comes across on tv. There was nothing about this man that was wrong. He also stayed for a while after the q+a to take pictures and sign autographs (a rarity at screenings, let alone with such an A-list actor). That man is really something special. Here is a photo my sister took (my cell phone pic just doesn’t cut it), that she took while we sat just 7 rows away. Ahhh, heaven.