Do This Today: A Very Ronna & Beverly Hanukkah Special


I love Ronna & Beverly (formally the All Jew Review) and tonight they have a special Hanukkah edition. Tonights guests are Paul F. Tompkins, Angela Kinsey and Paget Brewster and tickets are only $5! Such a good deal. I’ve been to so many of their shows and I LOVE them. Read more about that here.

Event: A Very Ronna & Beverly Hanukkah Special (event link)
Location: UCB-LA, 5919 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 8:30pm
Cost: $5 (get tickets here)

Ronna and Beverly (Formally the All Jew Review)

I know I’m going out of order here, but I have to tell you about my Friday night. My sister and I went to the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre to see Ronna & Beverly (formally called the All Jew Review). They do this show in LA once a month and occasionally in London.

This show is played by Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo, two 30 year olds playing their 50 year old Jewish mothers. They start by talking about current events and discussing chapters from their book “You’ll Do A Little Better Next Time”. Then they bring out a celebrity guest who sits on a chair in the center of the stage while Ronna and Beverly interview the guest. The two ladies stand on either side of the guests chair throwing out questions in a spitfire fashion. It closely resembles the way suspects get interrogated by the police and the celebrities act accordingly. It’s hilarious, and I try to see it every month in LA. There are often celebrity guests in the audience too. They also have a podcast too. You should check it out HERE.

Taken from their facebook page.

They discussed their book, before they brought out their first guest, Marissa Jaret Winokur.

You can see from their interview style, the guest is clearly in the hot seat (and the only seat). It’s so great to see the guests squirm. Jeff Garlin came out after Marissa.

Jeff Garlin has some history with these girls and you can hear all about their chemistry on their podcast. He has a thing for Ronna (on the right side of the screen) and he chased her around the stage hoping for a kiss. He’s the only guest I’ve seen ever turn the tables on Ronna and Beverly. In fact Jeff barely sat down, which totally changes the dynamic of the interview.

It was such a great show. Friend them on facebook HERE, and come check them out at UCB in March. You’ll love them, I swear.


P.S. Here’s a video of them I found online. Enjoy!


Happy Hump Day

It’s Wednesday and boy is this week going by slowly! Last night I got my exercise on, so I don’t have any new tales to tell (gotta detox-to-retox). But tonight I’m attending 2 bars around town and seeing some live music, so expect a more thorough update tomorrow.

Seeing as this week is building in anticipation for Halloween weekend, I thought I’d advertise some fun events happening around town this week. Of course I can’t hit them all, so you’ll have to tell me what was fun and what was a time waster. Input is greatly appreciated!

On Thursday, Echo Park Jazz is doing another session in their 826LA benefit series. It all goes down at 9pm tomorrow at Lot 1 Cafe (on Sunset). Find the event on their facebook page for details.

To get your fright on, check out Delusion. It’s an interactive guided story that is more like a play than a haunted house. Tickets are $40 on their website (which is pricy for me) but if you love a good scare and you’re sick of the Knottsberry/Universal Horror scene, it could be worth a visit. I have a friend going tonight and Ill have to relay her experience.


Goldstar is offering a deal on Queen Mary ‘s Halloween Tour with Haunted Mazes. $17 and it’s from 7p-midnight with Thursday, Sunday and Monday tickets still available.

While we are on the subject of this Halloween, I need to bring it up again because it sounds awesome: Drink + Hunt LA. $25 to participate if you join through Thrillist. It’s happening on Saturday in Santa Monica and includes 3 beers and specials as well as an after-party. Start assembling your team now and get your costumes ready!

Ronna & Beverly

If you hate all things Halloween and are looking for a good laugh instead of a scare, I have to recommend the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre this weekend. On Friday one of my favorite comedy duos is performing: Ronna & Beverly. Ronna & Beverly are two female comedians portraying their Jewish mothers and it is always a good show. They usually have 2 celebrity guests and this month it’s Ken Marino (The State, Party Down) and Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings). They interview the guests about their love life and make them squirm, which is amazing to see. For $10, it’s totally worth it. Get tickets HERE before they run out!