Ronna and Beverly’s Podcast



Since it’s Comedy Wednesday, I’d be a terrible friend and comedy connoisseur if I didn’t mention that my friends Alison and Mark were mentioned in the newest podcast by my two favorite Jewish mothers, Ronna and Beverly. Check out their podcast HERE to learn more about them and PLEASE listen to the episode “Hometown Hero” to hear the awesome shout out to these awesome people (@ the 59 min mark). Remember Ronna and Beverly from THIS post? Remember Mark and Alison from THIS post?

Ronna & Beverly Hanukkah Special


On Tuesday, in place of Comedy Bang Bang, Ronna and Beverly did their monthly performance at UCB. You can see above, the stage was set with a special Hanukkah graphic and pig pinata. This show happens monthly, but this was extra special because it was holiday themed. Every show has different guests, and I’ve gone to probably 15 and they’ve all been hilarious.


If you are new to Ronna and Beverly, you should know that these woman are playing their Jewish mothers and do the whole show as these characters.


This night they lit the menorah.



Paul F. Tompkins was guest number one. They let him take a swing at the pinata. I love the photo above, not just for Paul’s awesome expression, but also for the “Happy Hanukkah” written on the pig.



You can see when they interview guests, it’s only the guests the get the chairs and Ronna and Beverly stand behind them asking questions as if it’s an interrogation. This setup means that when the guests are asked questions, they are forced to turn and face each host, forcing them to look back and forth the entire show.


Paul clearly knew what he was getting into and took it all really well.


Beverly brought out a surprise guest! Her daughter (not the skinny one in Arizona auditing taking classes at their University, but the heavier twin living in Israel).


Next came out Paget Brewster who got sucked into the interrogation. They kept all the guests on stage for each interview, which was just for this holiday event. I must say, it was really fun having Paul F. Tompkins on stage for the whole show. His reaction to Ronna and Beverly was so funny.


The last guest was Angela Kinsey from The Office.


After the interview time ended, they did a Hanukkah swap (aka, secret santa). Beverly coordinated the secret santa and there was a “mix-up” and somehow all the guests brought gifts for Beverly and Ronna got nothing.


Beverly pulled Paul F. Tompkins name for the gift trade. She got him a journal she had left over from a Beverly and Ronna event. Such a fun night, and it was only $5. Check out their podcast HERE to learn more about them, and check the UCB schedule in January for their next show.

Weekend Guide Feb. 24 + 25 + 26

The past 2 weeks I’ve been slacking on the Weekend Guide, posting it late on Friday night. I’m trying to get back on track and stay focused one what’s really important, you my dear blog. Alrighty, lots of good stuff happening this weekend so lets get right into it!

Friday Feb 24th

Start your Friday at OhWow in West hollywood seeing Terry Richardson‘s Terrywood Hollywood themed art opening from 6-9pm.

At 8pm on Friday night I will be watching Ronna and Beverly at the UCB Theatre. Tickets are $10, and the show will be amazing because it always is. I wait for this show every month and this months Guests are Jeff Garlin and Marissa Jaret Winkor. Check out the video to get a feel for this “All Jew Review”:

Saturday Feb 25th

If you aren’t up for a walk or hike, check out The Carnival of Magic Medicine downtown from 1-9p. Advance tickets are $20 and the event includes kids yoga, visits with Tarot Readers and Shamans, a great auction including services and art from well-known people/places around LA. Check out the schedule HERE. The event sounds pretty cool, so if you have an open mind about this lifestyle, hop on the metro and head downtown to the event.

Chevy Metal is playing on Saturday at Rock & Roll Pizza in Topanga Canyon at the Rack. I know I don’t seem very “rock and roll” so why am I telling you about this? Because Chevy Metal is a 70’s cover-band with the drummer and guitarist from the Foo Fighters. Awesome, right?

Photo taken from THIS website.

Hadley Holliday has an art opening displaying her abstract series Warp and Weft, from 6-8pm in Culver City at Taylor de Cordoba.

Finish out your fun-filled Saturday with an 8pm visit to Meltdown Comics for their Spidey and Friends show. Tickets are $10 and you can get them HERE.

Sunday Feb 26th

On Sunday you will find me at CoLAboration‘s craft beer event downtown at The Belasco. $25 gets you a glass (which is your entry into future CoLAboration events) and 3 beer tokens (good for 3 fills). Come check out the scene and try some new brews. For those of you who can’t make it, I’ll have a full report next week.

For people boycotting the Oscars, check out the Upright Citizens Brigade 7:30p FREE Asssscat Show. Because it’s free, they don’t take reservations which means you need to get there early to claim your spot in line. But the waiting pays off by getting to see some of the best improvers in the biz. Many of them haven’t achieved stardom, although they should. Chad Carter and Sean Conroy are 2 of the greatest improvisors who frequent this show. You need to see them in person, in addition to Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts (3 of the 4 UCB founders) who also often frequent this show. They never give the line-up in advance but it’s always good. They do this free show every Sunday and you should check out a video I found of a prior show on youtube: