Nick Offerman’s “American Ham”

This past Friday night I went back to Largo to see Nick Offerman‘s “American Ham” show. Once again, no photos were allowed so Im going to have to create word photos for you. I got there by 7p on Friday, and as I went alone I got a pretty good seat. Largo makes you buy tickets ahead of time, but the seat assignments aren’t given out until the night of the show. Since most people come in groups of 2 or 4, it makes it easy for a single person to fill out an odd numbered row. This is the reason that in all of the times I’ve been to Largo, Ive never had a seat further back than the second row. This past description of seats makes me sound really pathetic, but I’m okay with it. Hey, I had a great seat so who cares.

So the show didn’t start until 8:30p, which means I had an hour and a half to kill so I went over to the Beverly Center mall, where I got in my workout. Yes, I’m now officially a “mall-walker”.

Around 8:10p I headed back over to Largo while I waited for the show to start. It began with the musical stylings of Stephanie Hunt. Now I had never heard of her, but IMDB tells me she is an actress on Californiacation and Friday Night Lights. She plays the ukulele and has a fantastic voice.

She was a great performer and Megan Mullally came out to join her for a few songs. It was really delightful and the audience loved it (as did I). I got tickets to the show not knowing what the show was about and I’m glad music was a big part of the event. Since I can’t show/play her singing at Largo, I’m posting a video of her from youtube:

After the music sets, Chelsea Peretti came out and did a great stand-up comedy set. She was hilarious per usual. She writes on Parks and Recreation, where Nick Offerman stars as Ron Swanson.

After Chelsea, Nick Offerman came out to instill his 10 tips for life, which was the basis for his show. Since I had such a front row seat, I could see Meagan Mullally backstage sitting on the floor watching Nick perform and it was really sweet to see. Infact a big part of his show was talking about his relationship with Megan and they sound like a very sweet, fun couple. He told the story of how he wanted to get her a great 50th birthday present, and how do you get a gift for someone who could have anything she wanted. She asked him for a rainbow on her birthday, and as a musician, he provided that rainbow through song. I was unable to find the song online, but he played it for us and it was very funny.

Nick Offerman is just like Ron Swanson. They both are true Americans that LOVE woodworking. As Nick said, “would you rather have a girl who bought a pair of cute boots, or a woman that made her own sweater with her hands. That answer is obvious.” I love that quote. I need a good man like Nick. Here is a video I found online of Nick Offerman “planking”:

He said that when Parks and Recreation goes on hiatus shortly, he plans on spending his vacation time in his wood shop making a canoe and a table for his buddy. I love it. The entire show was fabulous with funny personal stories, words of wisdom, and great music. The announcer said that this show would be returning, so you should keep an ear out for when tickets go on sale as this show sold out fast. It made for an entertaining Friday night. Check out Nick’s website to see some of his great woodworking skills.

I will leave you with Nick + Megan’s first music video of the song “Wings of a Dragon”. They performed this song live and it was great (and I’m not a country fan). Check it out!