A Wintery Cape Cod Weekend

Sometimes you need to get away from you routine and have some adventure, which is what lead me to Cape Cod this past weekend. I was in need of escape and joined my parents on the Cape for a weekend of exploration. We arrived at their house on Friday night, and woke up early on Saturday to hit the road heading down to Woods Hole, MA.

We meandered down to Hyannis and did a drive by the Hyannisport compound of the Kennedy’s. This photo below was taken a little further down the street from the compound. What a beautiful day. Blue sky, snow on the ground and even mini-icebergs in the water. What a sight.


While in Hyannisport we made a stop into Tim’s Used Bookstore on the main drag. They have a great collection of art/coffee table books at reasonable prices (fyi). Im trying to save my pennies, so I didn’t get anything although we did spot this hilarious book below:


It’s trying to appeal to 50 Shades of Gray loving nuns? Why does the nun on the cover look like she’s 12?! Hilarious and horrible at the same time.

We got back in the car and continued on until we hit the Falmouth Public Library. It’s a beautiful building (with clean public restrooms). They have a fun Main Street, with cute shops and restaurants. We stopped into Quarterdeck for lunch. It was good food with generous portions and the decor is meant to make you feel like your in the captains quarters of a boat. It’s really fun and I recommend it. Below is a photo I took looking up at the ceiling over our table.


After a quick walk around we got back into the car and continued on to where Woods Hole Rd. meets Water St. Most of Woods Hole seems dedicated to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. They have many buildings and dorms dedicated to ocean and animal life research. They are often on the scene if anything exciting happens along the east coast (with respect to science and marine life). They also have a FREE Science Aquarium that is for sure wrath the visit.  I took so many photos and had such a fun time watching all the fish swim around. I could stare at them forever.


If you’re visiting Woods Hole, the FREE aquarium is a must. When my parents visit in the summer, they bring their bikes, ride around town and then stop in the aquarium to see the fish and enjoy the AC. Given that it was snowy this past weekend, it was nice to get toasty in the heat.

Eventually we left the aquarium and did a walking loop around Eel Pond. It was so frozen over that many people were out walking, ice skating and even playing hockey on the ice. It was quite a sight!


After a walking loop we stopped into Coffee Obsession and grabbed some coffee for the road. Before leaving Woods Hole we visited a beach off of Gosnold Road, where we saw people kite-skiing! It was insane! They were really flying around out there on the water that had frozen over. Normally that would be a sandy beach with water hitting the shore and instead it was a kite-skiiers paradise. I had no clue that was even a sport, but it looks really fun.


Back in Harwich Port, we had a puppy cousin reunion which involved lots of white puppy hugs 🙂


Wet Doggies


I’m sorry I didn’t get to post an activity yesterday 😦 Especially since it was cinco de mayo and there was plenty going on. One day I’ll be done with my time consuming job and I can focus more on you, but in the meantime I hope you’ll accept this as my apology gift: ADORABLE WET DOGGIES!! See all of Sophie Gamand’s Wet Dog collection HERE!


Do This Today: Architecture for Dogs



Architecture for Dogs is an exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Art until Sept 22. If I had today off from work, I would be there in a heartbeat. Their website says it’s only open until Sept 1, but other media outlets say it’s open until Sept 22. If you check out the website, you can download the specs to build your own doggie play-scapes.

Event: Architecture For Dogs Exhibit (event link)
Location: The Long Beach Museum of Art, 2300 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA
Time: Thursday September 12, 11a-8p
Cost: $7 adults

Puppy Love

I’ve been away all weekend dog sitting for the cutest little puppy, and neglecting you, the cutest little blog. I have to share this with you:

Is there anything happier than a dog playing fetch? She is awesome and now I’m returning to my regular animal-less life. (Except for my roommates cat Pepper, but she hates me and doesn’t count.)

By seeing this photo above, it also means my cell phone starting taking pictures again. Woo hoo!

And I’ve been leading up to the biggest news of all: friend of Life Absorbed, Kelocity, had her baby! See baby Adele Khalifa HERE!

Birds + Puppies!

Sometimes my work is awesome… or at least the lot I work on. I’m in the middle of blogging (on a post to come later) and these lovely creatures are steps away from my door. I had to stop mid-post and start another.

There were more doggies, but this one is my favorite. Her name is Beatrice. And the bird above is fed blueberries to keep it’s eyes that bright blue. First tigers and now birds and doggies!