Saturday, May 10, 2014


Happy Weekend Everybody! This image is from a short building session yesterday very early morning. It’s going to be 1 (or even 2) great cutting boards when I’m done with this. Today Im focusing on a few other projects and hopefully this weekend will cross a couple items off the list. Get out there and do what you’re passionate about!


Here’s one project that’s been in the works for a few weekends and is finished today. It feels good to cross something off the list, so I can make room for more projects!


Here’s a detail shot:


I love the shadows 🙂 It’ll be making it’s way over to the shop soon!

Nail Art

My sister stopped by my house last night and as I gave her an update on some of my art and building projects she pointed out a piece she enjoyed and said I should share it. It wasn’t personally my favorite which is why I haven’t shared it with you yet, but she liked it so I figure it was worth posting about.

Several months ago I collected some scrap MDF (although I think the project would have worked better with real wood) and painted them. For the first piece I painted it a creamy pink color I already had (yay for saving on supplies!).


Next I printed a heart image that fit the mdf and taped it down. I bought some small gold nails from Lowes, and used a T-square (above) to nail in the outside shape of the heart in an organized manor. I nailed it in right through the paper.


Once nailing was complete, I ripped the paper away to reveal the nail heart outline.


I bought pink and red thread from Michaels (look up their online coupons on your phone while in the store and you’ll find instant coupons that they scan right from your phone. SAVINGS!) and wrapped the thread around the nails in a random way. This image makes it hard to tell, but there’s an ombre effect in person of light pink to dark red.


The piece that my sister really liked is this LA metro map made in nail art (she’s a travel buff as you know). Each nail represents every station stop, so not only does it look cool but it functions as a real metro map. I think the mdf backing is why I don’t like it and I’d love to remake it on real wood boards where the grain shows through. Ahhh, future projects.

This was made with the same technique as the heart piece. I painted the mdf and then printed an LA metro map to trace with nails. It didn’t take too long and the tread colors match the real metro line colors. It was a cheap fun project that I did while watching a netflix movie. Give it a try!

DYI: Holiday Card Display

I’ve had this unused frame (awesome $10 tag sale find) that I repainted a while back. It’s been decoration and collecting dust. When my holiday cards came in this year, I decided it would be the perfect place to display them. All this empty frame needs is a backing, some twine, and clips to hold up the cards.


Taking inventory. I was lucky enough to have the empty frame, scrap pieces of foam core to use as the backing, and left over burlap from another DYI project. At the Etsy Rengrade Craft Fair, I picked up cute turquoise twine and mini clips for a cheap price.


Aren’t the twine and mini close pins adorable?


Next, I cut the foam board to fit the inside of this giant frame. It took two pieces to fill the entire frame and because I knew I would be covering it up, it’s alright that there’s a seem.


Then I cut a piece of the burlap to be a little larger than the foam board and used a stapler to wrap the boards and adhere it in place.


Once I turned the board over, it looks great (no one ever sees the back). Then I figured out how far apart to space the twine based on the average size of the cards I had and stapled the twine in place from the backside of the board.


Then just pop the board into the frame and you’re done!


Then as the cards came in, I just tacked them up. The great thing is that it’s not holiday themed so I can keep it up all year as cards come in for different holidays. Notice the matching burlap tree skirt. I got my monies worth with that burlap.


This was a fun 20 minute DIY project that didn’t involve any sewing or machinery. Please disregard the dust on the bookcase in the photo above… that was… intensional. Also, yes that is It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on the tv.