DYI: Decorative Plants

This is fun inexpensive do-it-yourself way to jazz up a lifeless corner. We have a tall corner bookcase (which is empty right now) and needed something that would bring your eye upward. I already owned these Ikea white planters (cheap- $5ea?). Since I bought them not intending for this use, I didn’t care about the sizes which now are so critical. Notice how the middle vase isn’t exactly the “middle” size? It’s a tad shorter than it should be… I know how to fix that!

Step 1: Using some white 3/16″ foam board I already owned ($1 at Michael’s) I cut out a test piece to see if that 3/16″ boost would do the trick.

Step 2: Test it out. See how that piece of foam core lifts the middle vase so that it is the perfect “middle” height?

Step 3: Trace the planter onto the foam board and cut out the circle.

Step 4: Put the planter on the circle and trim any excess around the edges. Perfect! You barely even notice the “high-heel” the planter is wearing.

Fun with plants! Which plant should go in which planter? These plants are from Ikea, and we very inexpensive.

What adjustments need to be made? The right and left plants sink too low in the planters… I think we can fix that.

Step 5: Cut rectangle pieces of foam board which can go inside the planter and below the plants. Make several so you have room to play with the heights.

Now it’s time to play, until you find the right fit.

How adorable is that? The plants are arranged Large to small, angling into the room which draw the eye upward and add a needed pop of color. Love it!!

Back in LA-LA Land

I’m back from my whirlwind trip. I’m sitting here blogging, enjoying my new hydrangea plant, and listening to the Barry Manilow radio station on Pandora. What a great way to phase back from vacation mode to reality. “Oh, Mandy”.

One thing I like to do after a vacation is take something from the trip that I can add into my everyday life. Sometimes it’s a new food, a scent, a new type of music, or anything that creates a sense-memory. The hydrangea plant is a great tool for this, because when I look at it it’ll remind me of relaxation and vacation freedom. It has a great calming affect. Plus it’s a pretty magenta color.

One great thing about traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast is that the time difference has me waking up early and getting a great jump start on the day. By 9:15am I finished all my grocery shopping for a long while, watered the plants and I’m now unpacking/cleaning. I feel so productive.

I just wanted to check-in with you, and let you know the last Chicago post will be out later today. After that I’ll have some Secret Stair posts for you this week as well as several posts about Cape Cod.