Do This Today: The Spice Kittens

This is untraditional for my Do This Today, but today’s thing-to-do is check out THIS website. I’m no cat lady, although I do like pets. This website is a 24/7 live feed of 5(?) kittens playing. The best part is if you tune in while they’re sleeping, or out of camera range, just rewind and you can find a fun part with tiny kittens playing. The owner is raising them just until they’re ready to be adopted, so it’s a great promotional video for cat adoption. They are also crazy adorable and you get all the cuteness without the scratches and kitty liter.

Event: The Spice Kittens
Location: THIS link
Time: 24/7
Cost: FREE

Puppy Love

I’ve been away all weekend dog sitting for the cutest little puppy, and neglecting you, the cutest little blog. I have to share this with you:

Is there anything happier than a dog playing fetch? She is awesome and now I’m returning to my regular animal-less life. (Except for my roommates cat Pepper, but she hates me and doesn’t count.)

By seeing this photo above, it also means my cell phone starting taking pictures again. Woo hoo!

And I’ve been leading up to the biggest news of all: friend of Life Absorbed, Kelocity, had her baby! See baby Adele Khalifa HERE!

The Lazy Dog Cafe

“Live like a cat, drink like a dog.”

After Lindsey and I did the Color Run in Irvine, we met up with an old friend of hers at a restaurant called The Lazy Dog Cafe. Infact many Color-Runners had the smae idea (see the group in the photo above). This place deserves it’s own post given the unique nature of it’s theme. It’s ALL about doggies. They even have a large outdoor patio intended for patrons to bring their pups to.

When we went to go wash up in the restroom (given our paint covered attire), I passed a wall with screens that had photos of patrons dogs rotating. If you send them photos of your pouch, they’ll add it to the rotating mix. Also, the art on the walls are all portraits of puppies. These people are serious about puppy love.

I’m normally not a midday drinker, but we earned a glass of $5 mimosas (one of their many brunch deals).

The waitstaff was friendly and interested in hearing about the Color Run, the decor was playful, and the place was huge so despite being busy we didn’t have to wait for a table. This place was a great choice.

I ordered off their special weekend brunch menu and got the chilaqiles for $8. I’ve never had this before, but if I had to relate it to something it was like eating egg/breakfast nachos. I’m sure not healthy at all, but delicious! Hey, I just ran a 5k so I earned it, right?

If you’re in the Irvine area, stop in for lunch. Its worth checking out their website HERE, just to see how creative they are. It’s also a great example of web design since it’s creative, unique and super easy to navigate.