Palos Verdes

After spending several hours exploring the Nixon Library, it was time to move along to our afternoon destination, Palos Verdes.


We made our way down the 110 and then just drove along the coast on Palos Verdes Drive South (looping up onto Palos Verdes Drive West). We stopped along at several of the little parking overlook areas along the road to take pictures and enjoy the view.


The above 2 photos were taken above the Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles.


The next place we spent significant time was in Abalone Cove. We had to pay to park ($5?) but it was worth it.


Follow the path down to the rocky beach.



Bring shoes that are comfortable for climbing over these rocks (aka not flip flops).


When we arrived (around 4pm) the sun was already starting to set. Our big regret was not getting here sooner, because it was awesome. Although now we know that we could easily spend a day at this beach. Around 4p surfers were hitting the waves.


Nude Sunbathing Prohibited!


Once we arrived at the tide pools, we didn’t want to leave. At first I thought “What are all these people looking at” and upon closer examination realized almost everything here was living. It made me really think about reach step, as to not hurt the marine life. You would see what looks like a pile of shells and rocks, but if you poke it, it MOVES! So cool! There were plenty of kids and adults.


We were pretty protected near the pools, but if you climbed way out on the rocks (like these fishermen) you would be facing some giant waves.


See? So cool!!


It’s easy to miss all the marine life if you aren’t really focused on it.


So much to explore! Each little pool of water had so much life in it. And experts/volunteers from the Natural History Museum were there to help explain what we were seeing. Everyone is super friendly and wants to show you and share in the enjoyment of marine life.




The sun was setting, so we had to make our exit. The parking lot closed at dusk. We continued along on our Palos Verdes sea-side drive until we hit Point Vicente Lighthouse.


It was so beautiful catching sunset from this spot. The lighthouse was closed, but it was beautiful to walk the paths along here. Many people were doing engagement photos and other photo shoots.


We walked through the outside of the Point Vicente Interpretive Center- which looked like a little maritime center. You can see the people at the far end of the photo had been whale watching, since this is the furthest point which allows you to see south and west.


As the sun fully set we walked back to the car and finished our loop of Palos Verdes. Now we know, plan more time than just an afternoon. There are so many walking/bike paths to explore, that I could spend so much time there. If there are any camping beaches, I should just move there.

Saturday Adventures



Sometimes you need to get out and explore! It was that kind of weekend here in Los Angeles. You’ll get a full recap this upcoming week, but day trips outside LA are cheap and full of surprises. Our friends back east a super snowed in, and if that doesn’t convince you to take advantage of this warm winter Saturday, what will?