Rainy Los Angeles

(photo of Gustav Caillebotte’s Paris Street; Rainy Day)

In a place that’s always sunny, sometimes a rainy day is welcomed. I’ve had a crazy week at work and a terrible cold, so staying in, catching up on work, blogging and listening to a little Barry Manilow sounds amazing. All that, without the guilt of a gorgeous day, feels awesome. Alright Los Angeles, enjoy your ONE rainy day! Happy Saturday!

DIY: Thrift Store ART!

I’m still working to revamp my blank canvas¬†and I have to share this DIY art project that cost me $1! There’s nothing like going to Goodwill (especially on one of their 50% off days) and finding cheap goods to repurpose and make awesome. Not only is it sustainable, but you can make completely unique pieces for cheap.

Isn’t she pretty? Even in her raw “before” state, there’s so much potential. Now I just need to decide how to upgrade this!

Using the colors of the spray paint I already own, I did a quick mock-up. This one is okay but…

… I like #2 better. Now it’s time to make it real! Step 1 is to paint the entire thing gold. LEt it dry, then flip it over and paint the other side gold, really covering the whole thing.

Once it’s dry, tape up what you want to keep gold. In my case it’s the outside and the top grid pattern. I also used cheap foam core to cut out the pattern so I could use it to make sure Im spraying the paint only where I want it.

Tape + Spray time! Then when it dries, do it all again to the other side!

And one more time for the middle turquoise color!

Doesn’t it add a nice pop of color to this dull bookcase?

I love my name art piece! And the best part? It’s cost me $1

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