Thinkin’ DIY


This past weekend I worked on a crafty assignment with some friends (which will be blogged about soon) and it involved a stop at one of my favorite stores: Paper Source. While we were there I took a photo of this fun colorful crane mobile. I could totally see making this out of left over scraps of fun printed papers. Cranes are also one of the easiest animals to make as origami. Did you know I was in origami club in college? (Nerd alert!) #RISD #ArtDork

The Weekend Guide March 23 + 24 + 25

Oh blog, how I’ve missed you! Next week’s blog posts will resume as normal. Work went from dull to insanity, and my exercise regiment has been kicking my but as well as soaking up all my time. I have a crazy full schedule this weekend, so expect some good posts every day next week. Lets get to it!

FRIDAY March 23

A friend of mine is in the band Beck Kramer’s Brother, which is a 90’s pop music cover band. They play all the hits from the 90’s, so expect to join in and sing along. They are playing at the Kibitz room at Canters Deli, tonight from 10:30p-2am. Friend them on facebook HERE and check out a video of them I found on youtube:

Friday night in North Hollywood means it’s NoHo Dine Out! 6-8p tonight. HERE‘s all the info. Enjoy the entertainment, hit up The Federal, and walk down Magnolia to visit the Republic of Pies. YUM!

UPDATE: I went to North Hollywood tonight hoping to visit the food truck fest, and unfortunately didn’t see any food trucks. And the normal lot it’s held in was filled with cars. I’m a bit confused, but it seems like this event didn’t happen tonight (or was in a different location?). Either way, visit the Federal and Republic of Pies. Also a new bar, Brick Yard Pub.

Tonight (and Saturday), the Pancake and Booze event is happening at Lot 613 downtown. It’s $5 for a night of drinks, pancakes, and art. It sounds awesome, and I went to the one last year, which was a good time. Here’s a video I took from their website:

SATURDAY March 24th

From 2:30p – 4:30p on Saturday, “Coyotes and Ticks and Rattlesnakes Oh My!” is happening in Simi Valley. Bring the family and learn all about the wilderness.

The Echo Park Film Center is doing an “Exquisite Corpse Stop Motion Animation Workshop”. RSVP HERE on facebook.

This weekend is also the L.A. Film and Music Weekend. Downtown at the Independent Theater, at 6pm they are showing a variety of films with a range of prices. Check out the link HERE for details.

SUNDAY March 25th

Sunday is supposed to be rainy, and one thing I’ve never done and always wanted to do is tour the Eagle Rock Brewery. They offer free tours on Sunday at 1p, 2:30p, and 4p. The Flat Iron food truck will be there!

Do you like donuts? The Around the Clock: 24 Hour Donut City event starts on Saturday and goes 24hrs straight into March 25th and coincides with the Christian Marclay LACMA event. Their donuts look yummy!

If it’s rainy, I’m going to check out the Japanese American National Museum which has a cool origami exhibit going on, that people keep telling me about. The exhibit is called Folding Paper The Infinite Possibilities of Origami. This exhibit looks so cool. My coworker told me they have a wedding dress made out of origami. I’ll report back!

Sorry this is so late but it’s full of good stuff. Enjoy!