The Brickyard Pub in NoHo

This past Saturday night (after my walks) I made my way over to North Hollywood to visit the new bar Brickyard Pub. This billiards hall was recently re-done and opened under new ownership (I’m pretty sure). This bar has nothing on tap, it’s all beer bottles.. but it’s a zillion bottles. It looks like a Bevmo.

They don’t serve food, but they have visiting food trucks chilling out front so get some yummy nosh and bring it inside to enjoy at one of their long tables. Did I mention this place is pretty giant? The front room has a giant bar in the center and the back room is another giant room filled with billiards tables, and some beer pong tables.

You have to pay to play, but the first 30 minutes of table shuffleboard is free. They have 2 shuffleboard tables, 3 dart boards (it’s like a quarter to play), and zillions of pool tables ($10 per hour, I think).

Last Saturday I was there for a friends birthday gathering. It worked out perfectly with the long picnic tables they have set-up. They don’t serve food, so we were able to bring our own cupcakes to share. It was pretty great. I also ran into a few friends who live in the neighborhood. In fact, I have another birthday gathering there next weekend. I’m excited to go back.

I took the above photo playing shuffleboard. It was awesome. My only negative with this bar is that there isn’t a parking lot, and expect scramble to park in the neighborhoods around North Hollywood or many blocks north at the metro station. Plan accordingly (bring a rape whistle) and carpool.

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The Federal + Republic of Pies

This past Saturday night, my sister and I did our usual Toluca Lake walk and then made our way over to The Federal in North Hollywood (by Lankershim and Magnolia, for locals). I’ve been meaning to go for a long time, since it was turned from a bank, into a nightclub, into a restaurant. Also somewhere in that time line there was a fire, but at any rate, it’s awesome now.

We went around 7pm on a Saturday night and enjoyed a 20 minute wait at the back bar. My sister isn’t a beer person, but I convinced her to share the stout sampler with me. In the photo above, from left to right, we got a blueberry beer, an Old Rasputin, Eagle Rock’s Solidarity, and a Thelonius (my sisters favorite of the bunch).

Our wait wasn’t long, and we got a great seat near the back bar. As it got closer to 8pm the bar went from that one dude (in the photo above) to being packed. My sister got the veggie burger and I got the veggie hot dog to which both of us loved it.

After The Federal, we needed to get a walk in before we left, so we walked around the corner along Magnolia to check out the new pie shop (Republic of Pie) that everyone keeps telling me about.

It’s an adorable coffee/tea shop that specializes in pies ranging from chicken pot pie to apple pie. They have lots of comfy indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for the Starbucks-writer crowd. We happened to walk in around 9pm on the night of their official opening night, where they had an open mic night in celebration.

We missed the show, but got to see the set-up. It totally has a Central Perk vibe. Can’t you see Phoebe up there singing smelly cat?

There are windows that open into the kitchen, so you can see the pies being made. I love when you can see into the kitchen because then you know it’s clean.

I included one menu shot, to show you all the variety they carry. If you work in the area, definitely stop by for lunch.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for a post about CoLAboration (that happened this past Sunday) and per usual, the Weekend Guide for all cool, fun, cheap things happening this weekend!

The Weekend Guide Jan. 20 + 21 + 22 (+23)

Are you ready for the weekend? Rumor has it it’s going to be rainy on Saturday so check out the events below for some indoor fun. And because I love you, I’ve included some cool Monday night events too.

Friday 1/20:

From 5-8p tonight there is a food truck event, NoHo Dine Friday Night Out. This event includes 8-10 gourmet food trucks, 8-10 booth vendors, and street musicians. Why not check it out and then walk over to The Federal and enjoy the night out on the patio? The Federal has the Rebels of Comedy stand up show at 7:30p (get tickets HERE) and DJ Trinidad is mixing on the turntables at 9pm.

The Pacific Standard Time Festival is happening from Jan 19-29th, so if you can’t make it tonight, you have a few more chances. HERE is a guide to all the events and what the festival is about. Tonight at 7pm Hirokazu Kosaka’s installation at the Getty Center’s Arrival Plaza is being unveiled as well as a sculptural performance. This is sure to be a cool event as The Getty Center also has a “LA Free Music Society” event. From 8pm-2am tonight, Liz Glynn is having a (free!) Black Box reception at 830 North Highland Ave. This event will go on each night of the festival (Jan 19-29) and will feature different surprise performances each night.

If you find yourself bored on the west side, visit Santa Monica for their Art Los Angeles Contemporary exhibit/event happening all weekend. Tonight at 6pm Superdeluxe is happening at the ALAC Music Space, Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. Superdeluxe is an experimental hip-hop group featuring Michah James and Frohawk Two-Feathers.

Saturday 1/21:

The Independent Shakespeare Company has resurrected their past summer performance of Hamlet (due to it’s success) and adapted it for their Atwater studio space. It opens this Saturday with a 5pm performace. Tickets are $20, although I’m sure if you “like” them on facebook you can get discounts to upcoming performances.

Does none of this appeal to you and you need some indoor fun on this rainy Saturday? Why not check out the newly opened Punk Rock Museum and eat at the Homegirls Cafe? Or hit up the Moonlight Rollerway on San Fernando and then stop by the neighboring Golden Road Brewing Pub for some of those yummy risotto fritters?

Sunday 1/22:

This weekend MOCA is having their Affordable Art Fair on the event deck of LA Live, downtown. Art ranges in price from $100- $10,000. Tickets are $20 each (and you can get them HERE), but this is a steal if you end up leaving with an $100 piece of art that is worth much more. On Sunday it will be open 11am-6pm, and as it is the last day of the event so maybe they’ll be a little more desperate and prices with be on clearance? Who knows, but if you’re in the market for some new art, check it out.

Chinatown is having their Year of the Dragon celebration with a Midnight Temple Ceremony (10p-12am) at the Chuan Thien Hau Temple in Chinatown. The event is free and in celebration of the Chinese New Year’s Day (1/23/12). There are a ton of fun restaurants and bars in Chinatown and I’m sure Sunday night will be hopping. Try a new restaurant and then head over to the Temple for a great photo taking opportunity, as fire crackers are lit in celebration.

And now, because I love you….

From 2-5:30p on Monday, Whole Foods Market in Beverly Hills will be having their Health and Beauty Day. Vendors and specialists will be in the store to answer questions and FABIO (!!!) will be there selling his protein powder. Buy a jar of his powder and get a picture with him. This is FABIO people?!

For you comedy nerds (like myself), Chris Harwick (of the Nerdist podcast) will be having his Book Release Event: A Celebration of The Nerdist Way. It starts at 7:30p with a signing and party at 8:15 at Meltdown Comics on Sunset. The event will be moderated by Wil Wheaton and should be awesome. RSVP on the link above and GO TO THIS.

NoHo Arts Festival

This past Saturday, despite the misty rain, I attended the North Hollywood Arts Festival and had a really great time. I parked for free along Bakman Ave. and walked up and down Lankershim Blvd where all the main events were going on. They closed off the parking lot behind The Federal and set up a main stage for local bands, a food truck area (Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck was there!), and had a beer garden for ticket holders. Because of the misty air, it kept the numbers in attendance low which is unfortunate because it was a really well planned community event which is exactly what NoHo needs more of. The Federal was packed with people and has a great upper outdoor deck that gave a great view of the bands and they also had their own bands playing in the bar. I still haven’t gone, but I hear they have veggie hot dogs and I know Ill be going soon. The Art Institute opened a satellite location in several renovated buildings along the strip, and was a big factor in the Art Festival this weekend. I got to see two bands play: Maxim Lugwig and the Sante Fe Seven and The Nervous Wreckords.

Maxim Ludwig and the Sante Fe Seven

The Nervous Wreckords

It was a great area to walk around and take photos. The moody sky made it especially fun. Occasionally, when a drizzle started I would just duck into a coffee house or art gallery (there were many to choose from). I can’t wait for their next festival!