Ninja NYC

I haven’t talked too much about my holiday in NYC / Connecticut / Cape Cod, but more of that is coming, I promise you. While in NYC just before Christmas, I met up with friends and got to experience the restaurant Ninja.


This restaurant is completely Ninja themed. The waiters are dressed as ninjas and the decor feels like something out of a movie. The experience begins by taking an elevator to the dining area. We were then led to our table, as all of the tables feel very secluded and private. When you order from the menu, it has symbols on it indicating which meals come with Ninja presentations.


These presentations are in the photos above. They lit food on fire, and used weapons to serve the dishes… and much more.


My sushi (above) came with a magical fog (dry ice) which added to the presentation.


Above is a photo of the dessert we ordered. It looks like breakfast but it was a tasty dessert. All the dishes were fun and the night was enjoyed by the whole group. It’s a pricy meal, so save if for a special occasion and it’s fun with groups (as the more specialty meals ordered, the more ninja magic you get to see). Check it out if you get the chance in New York City.

NINJA New York

Did everyone enjoy the LA rain this weekend? I was in Boston and thankfully the weather was great. A little chilly on Saturday, but Ill take that over rain (or snow!) any day. The full weekend recap is coming soon. I’m so pooped from the weekend and work is a madhouse. While you are patiently waiting for a new post, I’ll give you this little gem my friend Si told me about over this past weekend: NINJA New York. Oh my god, I must go to this place when Im in NYC. It’s a Ninja themed restaurant. The location depicts a Ninja castle and is set-up to be disorienting like a maze. The food is sushi and other Japanese cuisine and they also offer a pre-fix menu… it’s a little pricy so go for a special occasion. Again, Ive never been so I can’t tell you about it, but Ill be in NYC next month and Im adding that to my list!