Brief Hiatus: Upcoming Travels


Unfortunately, I can’t do a Font Friday OR a Weekend Guide today. Today is my last day working on season 2 of HBO’s The Newsroom. It’s sad to say goodbye, but I like to think of it as a “see you later!” in the hopes of a season 3. Between the chaos of packing out all my personal belongings, wrapping up all the show files and loose ends, while also leaving tomorrow night for a quick trip home to Connecticut, I’m just out of time. Don’t worry, “Do This Today” will be back up and running on Monday and hopefully I’ll have some CT adventures to share with you by then. In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend! Maybe you should visit Echo Park @10am on Saturday for its grand reopening of the Echo Park Lake, after it’s lengthy rehabilitation has finally ended 😉 Expect a secret stair walk to happen in the upcoming weeks.

Lastly, I leave you with the photo above of me (on the left) with my coworkers celebrating a season of very hard work, this past Wednesday at STK in West Hollywood. After two season of working with an awesome collection of talented people, and a group of new folks this season, The Newsroom really is a big family. I’m really blessed that out of a 3 hour party, it wasn’t enough time to hug and congratulate all of the people I work with daily. How many people can say they enjoy that many of their coworkers. #luckyluckygirl

The Newsroom Season 2 Promo

I don’t talk about this much, but I proudly work on HBO’s The Newsroom. It’s a great well written show with an awesome crew. Every job has it’s ups and downs, but really I can not be luckier. This promo for season 2 shot a few weeks ago and is now out and about! Check it out.

The Newsroom: Episode 1

Last night The Newsroom premiered! Did you watch it? More importantly, did you love it? As you probably know from pior posts (like THIS one and THIS one), I worked on the show. Last night I got to proudly watch and then also see my name in the credits (normal tv doesn’t show all the credits). Well, incase you missed it, HBO has put it temporarily on youtube so you can see episode 1!

Scott Aukerman has been tweeting about it. It feels awesome to have my comedy hero tweeting about a show I worked on.

I also want to share that I spent last night at a coworkers house celebrating the debut and I made a fun themed dessert to match. Once you watch the episode above (do it!) you’ll see that it has to do with a terrible event that happened in 2010, the oil spill. Since making Newsroom themed cupcakes just seemed impossible, I decided to focus on the oil-spill part of the show. My first thought was dripping chocolate! I decided to start with your standard vanilla cupcakes (I used the box mix because that’s how I roll).

Next, I used the Magnolia Bakery frosting recipe which I found HERE. My mom has their cookbook, so we use their frosting recipe and it’s always a winner.

The ingredients went from this…

to this…

Doesn’t that look yummy? I decided to do vanilla cupcakes to represent the sand, blue icing to show the ocean (or in this case, the Gulf) and then I put a swedish fish on each cupcake. My oil spill idea was to take the chocolate that drips on and then solidifies on top of each cupcake. That did not work as I hoped, so the theme ended up being “the gulf pre-oil spill”. Oh well, they tasted delicious. In hindsight I should have had chocolate jimmies as a back-up plan. Live and learn.

PS. In episode 1, my name is written on the whiteboard in the conference room scene 😉