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Greetings from my bed. Unfortunately, today is a sick day for me. It’s painful losing a weekend day to being sick but it’s given me a chance to catch-up on home stuff, do a little bedside crafting and lets face it.. sick days are made for netflix documentaries.  One of my favorite blogs, Design Love Fest, posted two netflix recommendation posts HERE and HERE. My favorite documentary is by far Bill Cunningham New York. Hope everyone is out celebrating it being one of the last Saturdays of summer.

Do This Today: Arrested Development’s Frozen Banana Stand

Netflix Arrested Development - Red Carpet Premiere

Is everyone as excited as I am for Arrested Development? It’s coming to Netflix in a few short days. If you’re in LA, today is the last day to visit Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand as it’s been doing an America tour. Today it will be in Beverly Hills at the Paley Center from 11am to 6pm  serving up treats. Come celebrate the excitement of a 4th season by eating a Bluth’s frozen banana. The first 96 people who are dressed as “never-nudes” will get a prize. Do it!

Event: Arrested Development’s Frozen Banana Stand (event)
Location: 465 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hils, CA 90210
Time: Wednesday May 22 2013, 11am-6pm
Cost: Free treats!

The Trailer Park Boys

Since it’s Comedy Wednesday here at Life Absorbed, and I wasn’t able to make Doug Loves Movies or Comedy Bang Bang last night, I don’t have any shows to share with you. BUT I just started watching a hilarious show on Netflix instant and I want to share it with you. It’s a mockumentary, where a film crew follows the lives of the people living in a trailer park in Canada, called The Trailer Park Boys. Bubbles is my favorite! (He’s the one wearing the helmet)