Do This Today: Comedy Bender

I’ve talked a lot about Mohawk Bend recently and I vowed to take a break from posting about them, but then they started something called Comedy Bender and how can I not share that with you? Tonight is a FREE comedy show at Mohawk Bend, and hopefully the beginning of a more regular event.

Event: Mohawk Bend’s Comedy Bender (facebook event)
Location: Mohawk Bend, 2141 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 9pm – 10:30p
Cost: FREE!
FYI: They have a huge craft beer list and delicious apps. They are also very vegan/veggie friendly.

Do This Today: Zoom-B (music!)

I know I wrote about this a week ago, but Mohawk Bend has another fun event going on tonight. Zoom-B is performing an every-third-wednesday residency from 8-10:30p. Zoom-B is a Forro band, meaning they are a percussion-heavy, accordian-led, rythmic dance band. It is also worth noting that it is Wednesday night… aka Echo Park outing night. So hit up Mohawk for dinner and music, then walk down to Short Stop or Barragans for their Wednesday night drink deals.

Event: Zoom-B @ Mohawk Bend (the bands facebook page)
Location: Mohawk Bend, 2141 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 8p – 10pm
Cost: free to hear the music, but the drinks will cost ya’

Do This Today: Late Night Happy Hour

Delicious food and tons of beer options make Mohawk Bend an awesome establishment. They just raised the bar and added a late night happy hour. From 10p-1a expect $4 Golden Road beers, $5 selection of mixed drinks and $6 snacks. If you’re up tonight, why not check it out?

Event: Mohawk Bend’s Late Night Happy Hour
Location: Mohawk Bend, 2141 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 10p – 1am
Cost: New late-night happy hour deals!

The Golden Road Brewing Pub Grand Opening

If you read my blog, you know I practically live at Tony’s Darts Away, love Mohawk Bend and have been eagerly awaiting Golden Road Brewing. Basically anything Tony Yanow has a hand in, I enjoy. Sunday, January 15th, was the Golden Road Brewing Pub Grand Opening and I wouldn’t miss it!

Making your way down San Fernando in Glendale, you can’t miss their primary-colored facilities just across the railroad tracks.

The opening was from 11a-11p and I showed up around 1pm and ended up staying until 4p. The weather was cloudy, but didn’t keep people from enjoying the patio. The last time I was here (which I wrote about HERE) was for their brewery opening, where I spent most of my time in a different building and only got a peak at what their pub would become. It’s hard to believe that was only 3 months ago!

I started off with their Rye on the Palate, which had notes of coffee (which I love). It was delicious. I followed it up with the Schwartz Stout which I also enjoyed. I was there with great company: Amber, Adam and Adams cousin Michael.

They had a wide selection of tee shirts, and promo items as well as books on craft brews. My favorite item is the tote with pockets for two Golden Road growlers (the middle bag in the photo).

The bartenders were very nice and the wait staff was active about collecting glasses and cleaning the tables. During the 3 hours I was there, there was a steady flow of people coming and going and we thankfully got a table for the full three hours. We were having so much fun that the hours flew by and we didn’t even do one of the many tours they offered. Occasionally a train would go by and everyone would cheer and drink! Now that’s a drinking game I like.

The crowd was a mix of hipsters, curly mustaches, older couples, groups of people in jerseys (they had football on their 3 tvs) and even families (earlier in the day). We ordered some of their fritters and I especially loved the mushroom risotto parmesan fritters (so tasty!).

We took advantage of their special “$10 for a burger and a can” deal. I ordered the vegan burger (of course) which was loaded with peppers and quite scrumptious as well as the Golden Road Hef, all for $10! I look forward to coming back and ordering off their main menu as well as tasting more of their brews. The only thing that could make this place any better would be board games. I could easily see myself meeting friends at one of their long tables on a Friday night, trying some new brews while playing some Apples 2 Apples and eating risotto fritters. Ahhhh, Heaven.

Deer Tick @ the Echoplex

Bleeding Knees Club, Guards, and Deer Tick played a show last night at the Echoplex.Were you one of the 100’s of hipsters in attendance? 🙂 Did you enjoy the bands?

Deer Tick

I met up with my good friend Amber and her boyfriend Adam around 9p at Mohawk Bend (see previous post about MB HERE), just up Sunset from the Echoplex. We enjoyed some craft beer and then around 9:30 walked down to the venue. The show was sold out and by the time we arrived and we missed seeing the Bleeding Knees Club, but caught the beginning of the Guards set.

Crappy cellphone pic, taken by yours truly.

The Guards were really fun and had a great sound. Many of their band members have really long hair, which made for a fun visual (very “Cousin IT”) with their heads down looking at their instruments. They also had videos projecting behind them which was cool. I had never heard of them but enjoyed it enough to keep listening HERE.


Crappy cellphone pic, taken by yours truly.

Once they finished, there was a 30 minute break and then Deer Tick came on. My history with Deer Tick stems back to my RISD days (they are a Providence based band) and while I never got to see them back in the day, my college roommate was always talking about them. Amber was the only one in our group who had heard their music before, but we all really enjoyed their music. I even purchased a tee-shirt! The only part of the show that was questionable was when the lead singer would ramble to the audience between songs. Maybe die hard fans knew what he was talking about, but as a newcomer it was a bit confusing. I would happily see them again and had great time at the show.

To get more info about all of the bands (probably written by someone musically inclined, unlike myself) check out THIS.

Monday Funday

What did you end up doing this weekend? Leave a comment if you did something we should all know about… especially if it was a fun reoccurring event.

Last week was so crazy (adjusting back to the work schedule and all) so I allowed myself Friday night to vegg-out, watch some TV and hit the hay. It was fantastic and we all deserve a night like that.

On Saturday I got a text from the lovely Amber that she was available for a nighttime excursion so we decided to attend the grand opening event at Sunset Beer Company. They had a food truck out front and a wall of fridges filled with cold beer you can get to-go or purchase and enjoy on one of their couches. Amber is a beer expert, so she gave me the rundown of what I should get. They had a DJ spinning tunes from 8-9p and then a live band started up around 9-10p. The entire place consists of 2 rooms, one for buying beer to-go and the other with a small bar and lounge style seating. The event had a great turn out. Did you go? What did you think? They seemed unprepared for the number of attendees. There was one place to purchase beer, which meant long lines and once you purchased the beer you had to get in another line to get them to open the bottle and get you a glass (quite a process). But once you maneuvered the lines there was a fair amount of room to snag a spot to watch the band. It was a very fun free (except for the cost of the beer) event. Overall, I really enjoyed myself and recommend checking this place out.

From there we crossed the street to check out the opening of Villainy General Store, a cute little shop along Sunset. They had good prices on hipstery gifts ranging from artwork and ponchos to old school candy cigarettes and soaps. The highlight for me were the break-up greeting cards (example: “God wants me to see other people. Correction: God wants me to stop seeing you”). They also had a nice food spread to celebrate the opening. At this point it was just after 10pm and we decided to walk up Sunset to Tony’s Darts Away sister restaurant: Mohawk Bend.

A visit to Mohawk Bend is a long time in the works for me. I love Tony’s Darts Away, so when I heard they were opening a sister restaurant in Echo Park I was dying to check it out. Unfortunately, every time I was scheduled to go something would always come up.

Thankfully, the stars aligned on Saturday night and Amber and I had a great visit. We got there pretty late in the night which meant the 20 minute wait we were told to expect was more like a 5 minute wait (just enough time to grab a Coffee Citizen beer by Cismontane). Just like Tony’s, their beer list was about 3 pages long. Once seated we wrestled with what to order (as all of it sounded fantastic). We decided on the Bittersweet Symphony pizza (radicchio, sweet peppers, and smoked mozzarella) to share (perfect for 2) with a side of rosemary seasoned fries. The food bill came out to under $20. Great food, great beer, great prices. I can promise you Amber and I will be back.

Other deals in the area to be aware of: Barragan’s offers Wednesday night margaritta deals. Get there early and snag a spot on their rooftop patio. After that head to Gold Room next door for their cheap shots and free tacos. If you’re in the mood to dance, Short Stop has a dance floor without the creepiness that comes with a nightclub and they are located a little east along Sunset. Across from Short Stop on the inside corner of the strip mall is Sunset Beer Company, which as I learned this weekend, is a great place to get unique bottled beer for a good price. From there head back west on Sunset for about 5/10 minutes and hit Mohawk Bend on the north side of the street for a great meal. I don’t recommend all of these places in one night, but plan your night around hitting a few of these spots and you won’t be disappointed.