Burning Love Season 2

I loveĀ Burning Love. It’s a spoof of the Bachelorette/Bachelor tv show. Season 1 (clip above) is amazing. Episodes are approximately 10 minutes, so there’s no excuse not to watch.

Well today is not only Comedy Wednesday here at Life Absorbed, but it happens to be the eve of the premiere of season 2 of Burning Love! Watch the season 2 trailer above. Get ready to see this hilarious group of male comedians fight for Julie’s (June Diane Raphael) heart by watching all of season 1 in preparation for tomorrow. Find them on twitter, facebook, and their official website.

Burning Love

I’m working on the last two Hawaii posts for you now (“Road to Hana”, and “Crossing Food of the List”) but it’s taking me so long because they are PACKED with details you will hopefully love.

In the meantime I’m just checking in to say, do you like the new logo? I’m trying to come up with a brand for LifeAbsorbed, and feedback is greatly appreciated. I also want to share a new web series I just found out about: Burning Love.

Click the link to see the most recent three episodes, and check out the trailer below:

It’s a spoof of the bachelor. It’s genius and crazy accurate. I find those reality dating shows so painful, but this spoof is so spot on. I can’t wait for episode 4! Find them on twitter, facebook, and their official website.

The LA Times Festival of Books

I must preface this post by saying that I am sipping on delicious homemade sangria made by my gracious roommate. I will blame all typos on the sangria. Am I drunk blogging? No. Am I happy blogging? Oh yeeeeeah. Well, lets get to it!

I must begin by dedicating this post to my Librarian friend Carrie. On Saturday I attended the LA Times Festival of Books down at USC. I LOVED it. I had many errands to run in the morning, so I didn’t get there until 1:30 (also due to heavy traffic and scrambling for a free parking spot).

I got a parking spot (far away, but it was FREE!) and made my way into campus. I followed the giant crowds until I came upon the food truck line in the photo above. They had Cool Haus Ice Cream and the Fry Smith… two of my favorites. Yet as you can see, the lines were crazy long and I just arrived. Despite my hunger, I passed on the food trucks and wanted to explore the whole event.

Across from the insane food truck lines was the cookbook area. “Talking With My Mouth Full” author Gail Simmons was giving a lecture about her book and answering questions about pans when I walked through. There were vendors/publishers in tents all around the peremeter selling cookbooks. My roommate attended the event and bought the new Trader Joes Skinny Cookbook here.

As much as I like cookbooks, I wanted to attend the 1pm show of “Fresh From Figment” and thought I had missed it. When I saw the stage at the cooking event I realized that all the events were on outdoor stages. I figured I should go check out the Figment show out encase it was still happening, and it was! I got to see the end of the show which included from left to right in the image below: Martin Starr, Michael Ian Black, Michaela Watkins (behind Michael), Andrea Savage, Wendi McLendon-Covy, and Michael Hitchcock. What a line-up on the ETC. stage?! The last 15 minutes (which was all I got to see) was really great and funny. I got to see Michael Ian Black read funny poems that had been submited for the event.

After visiting the ETC stage, I still had SO much more to see. Everywhere I went there were tents with authors signing autographs and crazy lines leading up to them. Who knew LA had so many people interested in books?! It made me smile for humanity.

While exploring I passed this lovely golf cart. Yup, that’s Scooby Doo!

I love that this event encompassed all types of books. Even comic books! There was a section for everyone. Mystery, religion, travel, independent, cooking, children.. I could go on and on. And it’s not like these each had one tent. There were all different courtyards filled with tents on these topics. I can’t stress how massive the Festival of Books was.

Remember when I saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van at work? Well now I’ve seen the Scooby-Doo van! It’s the Mystery Machine! If you know me well, you know I love (to solve) a good mystery. They even had a whole section of tents dedicated to Scooby and other Warner Bros. characters.

I was listening to bands play, when I crossed a courtyard just as John Cusack came up on stage. This was a cool thing to stumble upon. I also have to say, that since it was sponsored by the LA Times, there were LA Times crossword puzzle whiteboards all over USC. I had a lot of fun with this, as I love crosswords.

To sum up the Festival of Books, don’t miss it in 2013! I can’t wait for next years event. I only wish I arrived earlier to have more time there. After I thoroughly explored the event I decided to move across the street to see more of USC.. come back tomorrow for a post about that.