Weekend Guide Oct. 4 + 5 + 6

It’s time for the weekend and for once I’m able to put out a Weekend Guide! It’s been crazy at work, but I can’t not do one on Life Absorbed’s birthday! Crazy-talk.


Tonight, Friday October 4th, maybe you were lucky enough to snag a $60 ticket to the small Moby concert at the Fonda? It looks like a limited number are left, so if you’re a fan it’ll be worth the price. The concert starts at 8:30, so you’ve only got 4 hours left to decide.


Not a Moby fan? Like outdoor movies? The many outdoor summer series throughout the summer may have ended, but there’s one that normally begins in Fall, It’s the Barnsdall Art Park’s Outdoor Movie Nights. For some reason they have only committed to doing this one night this fall, and it’s tonight! I hope you like the film Inception. The remaining tickets are $25 but include wine/beer. Usually food trucks are there too and it’s fun to layout a picnic on the hill overlooking downtown as the sun is setting while sipping wine and watching movies. Enjoy!


Lastly, you can check out Maria Bamford tonight in NoHo at The Federal Bar. They have good food, beer and comedy (upstairs). She will be performing with other comedians in a Ladies Night Fun-raiser. Tickets are $15, get there at 7pm!


If you’re up for shopping Saturday, October 5, check out THIS Pop-up Vintage Marketplace happening downtown. There’s going to be a dj and food and all that jazz from 3-8pm. Tickets are $10 and you can get them HERE or at the door.


If you are ready to rock out, you better hit up the Eagle Rock Music Festival happening (you guessed it) in Eagle Rock (Colorado Blvd)! It’s a $10 suggested donation. Check out the lineup HERE!


At night head downtown to see the Zombie Fashion Show + Creature Art Exhibit at Lot 613. There’s a $10 cover and the event includes tons of zombie pieces in this fashion show as well as djs (of course). 21+


On Sunday, October 5th, CicLAvia is happening downtown from 9a-4pm. Check out the map and deets HERE!


Book Soup in West Hollywood has Bo Burnham stopping by Sunday at 5pm. There’s also a Saturday Book Soup event with Nick Offerman for his new book. Check out the store website for details.

Alright, Happy Weekend Everybody! Go out there and have fun!

Do This Today: Maria Bamford CD Signing


Maria Bamford is signing her new CD/DVD “Ask Me About My New God” at Amoeba Music today! She’ll be at the Sunset store at 7pm

Event: Maria Bamford CD Signing (event info)
Location: Amoeba Music, 6400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Time: Wednesday August 7, 2013 7:00p
Cost: FREE!

Triple BONUS Do This Today: Comedy Palace


This is my TRIPLE BONUS Do This Today! Wow- tonight is jam packed with fun! Tonight Maria Bamford is headlining a free night of comedy at the Comedy Palace. Doors at 9pm and the show starts at 9:30p. Other comedians include Sara Benincasa, Justin Cousson, Katie Crown, James Fritz, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Edward Salazar, Kate Berlant and hosted by Matt Champagne.

Event: The Comedy Palace (event link)
Location: 2112 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles CA
Time: Thursday January 31, 9pm doors, 9:30p show
Cost: FREE!

DOUBLE BONUS Do This Today: What’s Up Tiger Lily? (comedy!)


So many comedy choices tonight! I’m really impressed that this many headliners are in LA tonight. Here’s your third comedy option for the night:

What’s Up Tiger Lily is hosted tonight by Power Violence Fellas, with guests Maria Bamford, TJ Miller, Eric Andre, Jon Daly, Melissa Villasenor, Barry Rothbart, Adam Cayton Holland, Andy Wetterlund, and Justin Cousson with Byron Bowers in Residency.

Event: What’s Up Tiger Lily? Comedy (event link)
Location: Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, 6122 Sunset and Gower, In Gower Gulch, Hollywood
Time: Jan 28 2013, 8:00 pm
Cost: Free!

Do This Today: What’s Up Tiger Lily? (free comedy!)

Starting tonight is a week long celebration to celebrate Tiger Lily’s 6 year anniversary. That’s huge in tinseltown. This Monday night comedy show will be extra special (along with next weeks show) with top comedians performing… like:

Patton Oswalt, Sklar Brothers, Greg Proops, Greg Behrendt, Garfunkle+Oates, Kumail Nanjiani,  Brandon Small, Ron Lynch, Nick Kroll, Matt Braunger, Natasha Leggero, Melinda Hill, Maria Bamford, Jarrod Harris, Matt Dwyer, Mo Mandel, Karl Hess, Walsh Brothers, JC Coccoli, Eddie Pepitone and more. Aka, comedy gold.

And it’s FREE! Crazy right? Check it out!

Event: What’s Up Tiger Lily? (facebook invite)
Location: Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill, 6122 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Time: 8:05pm (tonight and next Monday too)
Cost: FREE
FIY: Free parking too!

Do This Today: Art F*ck (Free Comedy)

Tonight at 9pm, there is an awesome (FREE) comedy line-up performing at the Downtown Independent. They’ll have Maria Bamford, Baron Vaughn, Josh Fadem, Ryan Singer, Hampton Yount, Barbara Gray, and Eric Lampart with host Matt Ingebretson.

Event: Art Fuck (facebook event)
Location: The Downtown Independent, 251 S. Main St, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 9pm
Cost: FREE!

Comedy Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012

I’m mixing it up this week and instead of my usual Comedy Bang Bang, I ventured to a new venue on Melrose for Melgard Mondays. This was a totally new venue for me. There were maybe 20 people in the audience? This is a challenge for any comedian. Even if we were all laughing very hard, it still sounded empty. The show started a little behind schedule (around 8:30p). They had the headliners go first (as I imagine they had other shows to get to afterword).

First up: Maria Bamford.

Rory Scovel came up next.

And then this happened… as Rory wooed the 65+ year old couple in the front seats.

Jake Weisman was up next.

Ahmed Weinberg, who co-organizes the show every Monday, was up next. I really enjoyed him, and he was new to me.

Thai Rivera came out next. He reminded me so much of the character Scott Thompson does on Kids In The Hall, Buddy Cole. Click here to see the skits Im talking about.

Joe Dosch came out next. Funny stuff!

Ali Wong did a set, and she’s just so unexpected, in a fun way. When she talks, her voice and character are so different from the way she looks, it makes her set really unique.

Raj Desai was the last comedian of the night. I’ve heard his name around town, and it was great seeing him in person. As he was the last of the night he had to deal with 2 woman on their second pitcher of beer. They were supportive and not heckling, but they kept inserting themselves into his act. It had funny moments, but it was distracting as Im sure the rest of the audience felt the second-hand embarrassment that is normally reserved for watching Michael Scott on the Office.

It was a fun night of free comedy in a tiny venue. Some of my favorite shows have been in hole-in-the-wall joints with 20 audience members, so you should definitely give it a chance.

Do This Today: Melgard Mondays (comedy!)

Are you like me, and too poor for LA’s Riot Comedy Festival this past weekend? Well, no worries because now that it’s over those same ocmedians are back to their more affordable shows all around Los Angeles. Tonight Maria Bamford and Rory Scovel are headlining a free show at Melgard Public House. Now that’s a price I like! Other comedians performing Ali Wong, Jake Weisman, Raj Desai, Thai Rivera, and Josh Dosch. It’ll be a night of fun.

Event: Melgard Mondays
Location: Melgard Public House, 7505 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles
Time: 8pm
Cost: Free!
FIY: They have sweet happy hour deals and $10 Stella pitchers!

The Weekend Guide August 10 + 11 + 12

Deep apologies for the Saturday Weekend Guide post, but now I’m officially unemployed again which means more time for you! I hope you all did something fabulous on Friday night. Well, let’s get to it!

SATURDAY August 11th:

Lets start Saturday off right, with a trip to the Hollywood Farmers Market. At 11am Hester Indie Design will be setup at Space15Twenty (connected to the market) so you can get your fresh produce and awesome summer threads all in one place. Check out their Hester Goes Hollywood event page for details.

Today Bitchcraft Trading Post Summer Bazaar is happening from 12p to 5 tonight. It’s on Glendale Blvd in Atwater. You should check it out and maybe stop into Canele for an awesome brunch.

Long after all the craft fairs, why not check out some comedy? At 10p HelloGiggles Presents: Depressionista is a live comedy show playing at UCB, hosted by Melissa Stephens featuring Steve Agee (awesome!), Leslye Arfin, Joselyn Hughes, Angela Trimbur, Corey Padell, and Drew Tarver.


SUNDAY August 12th:

This next activity is something you can do any day of the week, but I’ve heard about it before and think it’s worth sharing. It’s Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater and they have a Sunday 2:30p show for $15. It’s exactly like it sounds, and how many people can saw they’ve been to a real marionette theater?

From 7p- 10, every other Sunday, Tony’s Darts Away is having Beers & Beats night. Come enjoy a cheap night of craft beers, vegan (and non vegan) hot dogs, and some vinyl tunes. This place rocks (and they have board games!) so come snag a seat.

The Mint LA is hosting Anna David’s True Tales of Lust and Love (aka live comedy!) at 7pm on Sunday. Come end the week with some laughs. Did I mention Maria Bamford will be there?  Tickets are only $8 (you can get them HERE).

Weekend Guide August 3 + 4 + 5

There’s nothing like really taking a close look at your student loans to ruin a Friday. In 35 years, I’ll be all payed off! And I’ll be just at retirement age.. excellent. Enough of my bummer Friday. Did you enjoy my Font Friday post? I’m VERY excited to bring that to you each Friday.. and I like that it gives you something to think about before I jump into the WEEKEND GUIDE! Yup, it’s that time folks!


FRIDAY August 3rd:

Are you ready for Animation August at the LACMA? Tonight they will be doing an outdoor screening of Bolt. This is a free event starting at 8p. Come early to claim a spot, pack a picnic dinner and hang out by the giant rock. This is a great family night event.

Echo Park Film Center is hosting An Evening With Action Item where the band Action Item will present a 45 minute documentary and play songs from their upcoming album. It sound like a relazing chill Echo Park night.

I’m having trouble confirming this next item (click here for the details), but Maria Bamford should be performing at the Fake Gallery tonight from 8-10p. Tickets are $5 and Maria is worth far more. This isn’t to be missed.

Hey I have an idea- why not check out Maria Bamford and then head over to the Lyric Cafe (not far down the road) for Matty’s Pizza Party at 10pm. Tickets are $5 and you can get them HERE! John Ennis will be there tonight. He’s a comedy legend as he started out on the Mr. Show with Bob (Odenkirk) and David (Cross). And there will be pizza!

I almost don’t want to mention this because it’s pretty pricy, but for you music loving richies, this weekend is Hard Summer (Fri+Sat) at LA’s State Historic Park. The lovely location of the Renegade Craft Fair has now become a musical jamboree! A two-day pass is $129, and a single-day pass is $75 ($82 with fees). It’s too rich for my blood (given my depressing student loans evaluation this morning) but you should check it out if you have the time and the funds.


SATURDAY August 4th:

Here’s the weekend movie forecast:
Eat See HearPurple Rain at the Marina Green Park in Long Beach @ 8:30 ($10)
Devils Night Drive InPulp Fiction downtown @ 8:30 (presale $10)
Street Food Cinema: Bridesmaids in Exposition Park @ 8:30 (presale $10)
Forever Cemetery/CinespiaSunset Boulevard in the Forever Cemetery @ 9 ($10)

If you’re sick of movies, and want to check out some comedy… Comedy Bang Bang (on IFC) is having their big Los Angeles event on Saturday at the Unitarian Church in Hollywood. That’s just the venue and I swear it’s not religious comedy. Get tickets and full details HERE. The event goes from 7p-12am, so you’ll get your monies worth! I mean, Nick Kroll, Andy Daly and comedy dreamboat Harris Wittels?! Does it get better than that?


SUNDAY August 5th: (aka national cheese pizza day)

Last weekend a few friends and I rented bikes and biked the path along the beach. It was awesome and we all found ourselves thinking, how have we lived in LA this long and not done this before? Well, now’s your chance to jump in the fun. The LA Bike Coalition is hosting Sunday Funday, where bikers meet at 9:30am at Del Valle Park in Lakewood and then they bike in Long Beach. You can even become a member and do this all the time. Fun for the family!

The Upright Citizen’s Brigade has their monthly Gravid Water show on Sunday at 9:30p. This is an incredible show, where there are several 2 person scenes. One person has memorized a section of writing (play, poem, literary piece) and the other person has no clue what they’re reciting from and has to completely improvise. This improv show is fantistic. It’s great for literary buffs as well as people who enjoy comedy. It’s smart and funny. IT’s a hot ticket and usually sells out fast, but you can always put your name on the waiting list, and they are good about fitting everyone in.

If you’re looking to catch a new movie this weekend (indoors and not on a lawn) and feeling a bit melancholy, check out Celeste and Jesse Forever which opens at the Arclight and Landmark theaters this weekend. Check out the trailer for this funny bittersweet love story: