Bigfoot Lodge (Atwater)

This past Wednesday night I finally got to experience Bigfoot Lodge’s Trivia Night. My failed attempt the week before made me think twice about going this week, but alas, I went so I could report about it to you.

The trivia part of the night doesn’t begin until 9pm (kinda late for the old fogie that I am). It’s good to get there at 8:30pm, grab a drink before it gets too busy, and claim your spot. We got a great section by a fireplace (did I forget to mention, this place is themed to be a cabin in the wilderness). The walls look like a log cabin and there are faux animals and wilderness themed memorabilia on the walls. I got to enjoy one of their specialty drinks: the Toasted Marshmallow. They actually ignite a marshmallow and it comes as a garnish in the drink. Super girlie and super delicious.

When an Aussie took the mic, trivia night began. Our group consisted of 6 people. They had several themed rounds (sports and music etc.). 20 groups played and we were in third place for the first several rounds but then we fell behind. We had a great time though, and the rounds had such mixed questions that everyone was able to contribute. I highly recommend Bigfoot Lodge on any night of the week, but if you can make trivia night, you won’t be disappointed.