Do This Today: re:Mix Comedy Night


A Working Theater presents re:Mix #3 – Last Laugh of Summer. The tickets go to support local theater and they’re cheap ($3 online, $5 at the door). The comedians include Eddie Pepitone, Jerrod Carmichael, Moses Storm, Dave Ross, Fahim Anwar, Jade Catta-Preta and Christian Correa. Expect live music, a full service bar, an art gallery and more.

Event: What’s Up Tiger Lily (event)
Location: 6510 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Tuesday September 10, 2013, 8pm
Cost: Free!

Addition to the Weekend Guide

Some Saturday events have come to my attention that you should all know about:

The Independent Shakespeare Co. is doing a performance of Two Men From Verona at 5pm and 8pm. It says tickets are $20, but if you mention the word crabs when buying them, you can get $10 tickets! Cocktails and men dressed as women, go and enjoy! Get tickets HERE.

If Shakespeare isn’t your thing, the Sunset Beer Company has their grand opening tonight from 6-10p. Tunes will be spun by Mr.Cocoon. Here’s the INFO.

Well, now I’ve given you 2 more cheap options that will get you off your butt! No excuses, get out there!