Golden Road Brewing Company

Sunday afternoon, Golden Road Brewery opened its doors to the public. Did you go?

Taken from their Facebook page.

I met up with my friends Amber, Adam, Michelle and Tom for a delightful tasting around 2pm. A $20 ticket to the brewery got you a glass with the logo to keep and 3 drink tickets. I started by exploring the compound which is tucked away on the west side of the train tracks by San Fernando Rd in Glendale. The brewery owns three large buildings (painted primary colors). I began by entering the building most north on the property. This warehouse contains the brewery vats and had a tasting station of one of the new Golden Road brews. Before I could claim one of my three drink tickets to this beer I had to explore all my options. I walked through a large open paved space which had 2 food trucks serving for the event.

I need to go get more!

I continued into the next building which was a large pretty bare warehouse. In here they had several beers on tap including sours, Avery sours to be exact. Rumor around the event was that Mr. Avery himself was attending the opening. Just outside this building was a beer truck with 5 additional beers on tap. I knew immediately where I would use my first ticket: Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean. So yummy, I couldn’t resist. The people working the event were great and so knowledgeable.

Before I could use ticket number 2, I had to explore the last building on the compound. This most southern building was closed off, but had a patio area that patrons were using as well as an open paved area with several more beers on tap. I decided to go with the Golden Road Hefaviesen, which was very good. I tend to like dark sweet beer, but the Hef was a refreshing change for me.

The event itself ran from 2-7p, and I had dinner plans so had to leave around 5. The three hours I was there for flew by. It had a great crowd, busy but you never had to wait long to get a drink. The spaces are so large that it was easy to spread out and my group of friends even snagged a table. I recognized some of the bar tenders from Tony’s Darts joking around and taking photos together. Tony’s is really a family of friends and seeing them celebrate the culmination of their efforts was special.

I actually went to Tony’s Darts Away last night and talked with one of the bartenders

Taken from their Facebook page.

about the event. She said she came late to the event and Tony himself sat with his employees and talked about his plans. Eventually the warehouse with all the vats will become the canning and bottling area. The third, most southern building will become a tasting room and restaurant. His goal is to have his beer served at all the bars around LA, and seeing how his empire has grown so dramatically in the last year, I doubt this goal will take very long to reach.

I’m looking forward to that tasting room opening, but in the meantime I have Tony’s. Ill keep you posted on any events like this that they have in the future. LIKE them on facebook and you can be updated directly.

Addition to the Weekend Guide

Some Saturday events have come to my attention that you should all know about:

The Independent Shakespeare Co. is doing a performance of Two Men From Verona at 5pm and 8pm. It says tickets are $20, but if you mention the word crabs when buying them, you can get $10 tickets! Cocktails and men dressed as women, go and enjoy! Get tickets HERE.

If Shakespeare isn’t your thing, the Sunset Beer Company has their grand opening tonight from 6-10p. Tunes will be spun by Mr.Cocoon. Here’s the INFO.

Well, now I’ve given you 2 more cheap options that will get you off your butt! No excuses, get out there!