Weekend Guide Nov. 11 + 12 + 13

Happy 11/11/11! I know you probably have many 11/11/11 parties to attend this weekend, but for all of those not observing this date-holiday, here’s your WEEKEND GUIDE!

FRIDAY Nov. 11

The Center for Inquiry (LA) is hosting another Drinking Skeptically event at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood. This informal gathering happens once a month and if you ask the doorkeep, they will direct you to the special area within the bar where this gathering is happening. This event is all about meeting new people and having fun while discussing science, skepticism, and rationality. This event happens in small gatherings all over the country and you can find more info on that HERE. If you want to be updated monthly about this event, join their group on Meetup.com HERE.

Marc Maron is performing at Occidental College tonight. He is always hilarious and had a well followed podcast called WTF with Marc Maron. Check that out HERE and then plan to see him at Occidental tonight at 7p!

Pretty? Pretty? A Divine Art Show is happening tonight at Meltdown Comics celebrating the the character Dawn Davenport as played by Divine in John Waters’ 1974 film, Female Trouble. The opening begins at 8pm and includes many artists celebrating Divine. The night will include the artist themselves, a live DJ, free booze and drags finest performers. Trust me, you will remember this event and it’s free! You can’t beat that.



Rumor has it, rain is in the forcast for this weekend in LA. As far as I know the NoHo Arts Festival is still scheduled to happen from 12p-8p on Saturday. Check out the NoHo Arts District page HERE to learn about all that the North Hollywood neighborhood has to offer.


This weekend you have your choice of festivals, because if NoHo isn’t your scene,  the LA Pizza Festival is happening from 1pm-5pm and did I mention that Joe Pesci is the honorary chairman? Julia Perri is hosting the LA celebration at Olympic Collection, and the goal is to raise money of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Come support a good cause and enjoy some, pizza, wine and goodies from around the world!


Devil’s Night Drive-in is presenting Kick Ass this weekend. That’s right, a drive-in exists in LA! The movie starts at 7:30p, but the gate opens at 6p, so come early for a good spot. Tickets are $10 and you can get them HERE.

*Silverlake Craft and Vintage is cancelled due to rain 😦

SUNDAY Nov. 13

The MOCA is having an event at the Geffen on Sunday at 3p called Theaster Gates: An Epitaph for Civil Rights with guest performances by Theaster Gates and the Black Monks of Mississippi (free with the price of admission). KCRW offers a 2 for 1 discount at the MOCA (if I remember correctly), so show them your card for a deal. The MOCA Geffen is a really great gallery space located in Little Tokyo. If you come early, you should explore Little Tokyo (see my post about the area HERE).


The Rosebowl is doing their monthly Flea Market this Sunday! There is plenty of free parking, and admission prices depend on the time you go in the day, but general admission is $8 after 9am. Click the Flea Market link above for all the info.

LA Walk #32: Little Tokyo

As you probably have read, I have a goal of completing all the walks from Walking L.A. (second edition) by Erin Mahoney Harris, by the end of 2011 (order it HERE). I’ve got less than two months left, and after this past weekend I have 8 more walks to complete (out of 38 total). Saturday turned out to be sunny despite reports of rainy weather, and I saw it as the perfect chance to complete walk #38: Little Tokyo. My good friend Amber and I were going to meet in the valley and take the metro down to the start of the walk (red line to the blue line) unfortunately Amber ran into some car trouble. Thankfully we got it all sorted out, and the only money spent was on a $5 wrench. So our day got off to a late start, but around 3pm we were headed for Little Tokyo (1st St. and S. Central Ave to be exact).

We parked in a lot by 2nd St. and Los Angeles St., $4 flat rate for the day. We started by going to T.O.T. for lunch. Amber got the veggie tempura and spicy chicken (spicy was an overstatement) and I got two rolls (tuna and shrimp tempura). From there we were on our way to begin walk #32 mid route at the Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens. We followed the instructions and took the elevator on the right to the “Garden Level” where a wedding was about to take place in the upper level of the garden. Unfortunately this meant part of the garden was closed off to the public, but we still got to see the lower level with it’s waterfalls and lush gardens. We also got a great view of the city. Once we said our congratulations to the wedding guests, we continued on our walk through a connector to Weller Court.

Weller Court is an outdoor mall with many restaurants and shops that were quiet on a Saturday but I imagine bustling mid week. Amber recognized Orochon Ramen, a restaurant featured on Man Vs. Food. We walked through the court stopping at a bookstore filled with literature and magazines in Japanese. Once exiting the courtyard, you can’t miss the giant Challenger statue dedicated to Colonel Ellison Shoji Onizuka who passed away in the explosion.

After paying our respect we continued on the walk along San Pedro St. past Azusa St. into the huge courtyard of the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. We entered the large austere building across the courtyard where many young ballerinas were preparing their routines for an audition. There was also a crew of artists setting up an exhibit in a small gallery on the first floor. We followed the books instruction and entered the elevator to go down to the basement level. Clearly a wedding reception was in process (we knew this by all the signs saying “Closed to the Public!”) and while Amber is not a rule breaker, I am! I was a bad influence and while we were dressed more for a workout than a wedding, we continued towards the reception to get a glimpse at the secret gardens described in my book. We were doing so well, even one of the servers who knew we didn’t belong, offered us an egg roll. We got a peak at the garden and then Amber went to use the restroom while I was waiting in the hall (coincidently by the office to the Event Coordinator) when we got caught. The Coordinator was not happy we were using the restroom near the event space and gave me plenty of attitude. Once Amber came out, we fled back to the first level where we got back to our walk.

We crossed 2nd St. and stopped at Pop Killer (fun hipster-type gifts, glasses, tee shirts, and creative ideas) on our way through the Japanese Village Plaza Mall. We based a fun restaurant called Oiwake that has conveyer-belt sushi and karaoke. I must eat at this place sometime soon. We continued through the plaza and exited along 1st street and crossed to walk along the pedestrian walkway on Central Ave, which holds the Japanese American National Museum, the Moca Geffen Contemporary Museum, and The National Center for the Preservation of Democracy. At the end of the walkway is the Go For Broke Monument which salutes the 16,000+ Japanese people who helped battle for America during World War II despite the internment camps that their families were in back in the States.

Once you head back to 1st St., cross to the west side of the street and you can sneak a peak at the Koyasan Buddhist Temple down one of the alley’s along this street. Take a left along San Pedro St. and find yourself by the knott sculpture that marks entrance to Weller Court.

After this concluded walk #32 (which was a great one) we decided to walk back to Central and 1st where the Weiland Brewery Restaurant is located. We had to try the titular beer, so Amber tried the Weiland Hefeweizen and I ordered the Weiland Honey Blonde. We both really enjoyed both beers. We were still full from lunch, but boy did those garlic fries smell good. We didn’t order them, but I made a mental note that I must go back and I must try those fries. The next time I’m in that area I also need to visit the Angel City Brewery, which is just a few blocks away. Now just 8 more walks to go!