The Ghost of Lamb Chop


There’s been a death in the office! Lamb Chop NOOOOOO!


The crime scene. It’s a whodunnit!


Now we are being haunted by the ghost of Lamb Chop. What’s next?!


Halloween Costume Ideas

Now that it’s October, have you started thing about Halloween? BuzzFeed has this great article showing funny group costume ideas. I love that Golden Girls made the list, as back in college that’s what my group of friends went as.


Can you tell that I’m Betty White?

In 2011 I went as…


Nancy Drew!

In 2012 I went as…


Shari Lewis (and that’s my boss as Lamb Chop)!

Can you tell who I might want to go as this year? Here’s a big hint…


She’s amazing and expect to see plenty of photos when I make the big reveal on October 31st! What are you going as? You’re never too old to dress up! Hit up your local Salvation Army to make a costume on a budget. Print out research and bring it to the store. I’ve found the thrift store employees enjoying helping with the search (as it’s something fun for them too).