RIP Huell Howser


I’m sure you already know about Huell Howser’s passing this past week. As a Los Angeles enthusiast I appreciate Huell’s explorations around California and as a comedy nerd I appreciate James Adomian’s perfect impression of Huell. James wrote a touching article for LA Weekly honoring the man he imitates. It’s worth reading. Check out this video of James being Huell:

Weekend Guide

Again, this is shameful. And it’s crazy late to be posting this on a Friday. Work was crazy, and I’m busy packing/drinking-kona-beer-eating-sushi-while-procrastinating for my big weekend adventure! I’ve kept this a secret from you guys, but this weekend I’m going on a kayaking, camping, snorkeling trip just outside Los Angeles. I’ll have many more details to tell you next week. In the meantime I’ve gotta pack! Check out LA Weekly for a good (but not as good as my Weekend Guide) calendar listing fun events around Los Angeles.

In the meantime, check out THIS link my friend sent me. It’ll have fun stuff like above and below.