Set List @ Meltdown (Feb 23, 2013)

Happy Comedy Wednesday! I went to Set List at Meltdown this past Saturday February 23, 2013. It was my first time checking out this up and coming show (which will soon be a web series on the Nerdist website.

This show is a combination of stand-up and improv. Standup comedians take the stage one at a time and phrases are posted on a screen behind them. They then have to improvise a comedy set based on these hilarious/random phrases. Just because comedians are great at standup, doesn’t mean they are good at improv so it’s fun to watch the comedians work through the task.


Paul Provenza hosted the show, which cost $8 (advance) and happens Saturdays at 8pm at Meltdown Comics.


Byron Bowers came up to the stage first. Here’s an example of one of the set list items they are supposed to improvise standup about: “I’m not racist, but my thoughts are”. See how challenging?


Jackie Kashian came to the stage next.


Bob Odenkirk (of Mr.Show/How I met your Mother/Dexter/and a zillion other projects) came out next. This was his first time doing Set List and he was really good.


Fellow Mr. Show alum (and “24” regular), Mary Lynn Rajskub came to the stage next.


Matt Kirshen (Last Comic Standing) came out next. I feel like he had the most challenging set list phrases of the night. I mean his were really difficult to create a set based off of.


Legendary Ritch Shydner came out next.


Saleem came out next. He has a great memory as he was able to incorporate many of the other comedians “set lists” into his set as well.


The last comedian was my favorite. Daniel Van Kirk does an AMAZING Mark Wahlberg impersonation. It was so good. To me, Mark Wahlberg is an unintentionally hilarious human being and seeing Daniel totally nail all his funny mannerisms while following the Set List rules of riffing off specific topics, it was incredible. This was the highlight of the night for me.

Come enjoy the fun! They announced the next Set List’s guests and it’s a ton of headliners like Rory Scovel and Reggie Watts. Unfortunately, I can’t find the dates anywhere on their website here, but you can facebook friend them and get updates.

Do This Today: Set List


Today was one of those none stop days. Like can’t think fast-enough days. I’m only now getting around to the Do This Today. Since it’s after 8pm, I’m gonna suggest laying low and taking one of those glorious cry-baths (at least that’s my plan for tonight). BUT since I owe you a Do This Today, I’m going to give you tomorrow’s post a day early! Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow night check out Set List at Meltdown Comics (the Nerdist Theater). So many awesome comedians and it’s only $8! Get tickets because it will sell out. Tomorrows comedians are Byron Bowers, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jackie Kashian, Bob Odenkirk, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Ritch Shydner and hosted by Paul Provenza.

Event: Set List (event link)
Location: Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Clvd, Los Angeles CA 90046
Time: Saturday February 23, 8pm
Cost: $8 (get tickets here)

Do This Today: The Super Serious Show

I’ve decided to start out a new segment of the blog. Since fun things are constantly going on mid-week and on the weekends here in Los Angeles, in addition to the Weekend Guide I’m going to start giving weekday daily updates called “Do This Today”. This won’t interfere with my regular posts. Just think of it as an added mini-post to help you find fun things to do around LA daily. Sometimes it’ll be a special event or even something ongoing, but I promise it’ll be budget friendly.


Today’s “Do This Today” is about COMEDY! Tonight at Cafe Fais Do-Do there will be a performance of the Super Serious Show. Remember when I went last month and had a blast? Well, now you can go experience the show with a whole new set of comedians.

Tonights show features Michael Kosta, Kyle Kinane, The Sklar Brothers, Jackie Kashian, Guy Branum and videos by Jeremy Konner. It starts at 7pm, and tickets are $13 if you get them in advance. I happen to know that the discount code for half-priced tickets is COTON (assuming the deal is still on) and you can get them HERE. There is free beer from Eagle Rock Brewery and free wine from Cube Cafe. And of course there will be a food truck (TBD) in the back patio. Get your tickets, bring a friend and have a hilarious night!