The Lazy Dog Cafe

“Live like a cat, drink like a dog.”

After Lindsey and I did the Color Run in Irvine, we met up with an old friend of hers at a restaurant called The Lazy Dog Cafe. Infact many Color-Runners had the smae idea (see the group in the photo above). This place deserves it’s own post given the unique nature of it’s theme. It’s ALL about doggies. They even have a large outdoor patio intended for patrons to bring their pups to.

When we went to go wash up in the restroom (given our paint covered attire), I passed a wall with screens that had photos of patrons dogs rotating. If you send them photos of your pouch, they’ll add it to the rotating mix. Also, the art on the walls are all portraits of puppies. These people are serious about puppy love.

I’m normally not a midday drinker, but we earned a glass of $5 mimosas (one of their many brunch deals).

The waitstaff was friendly and interested in hearing about the Color Run, the decor was playful, and the place was huge so despite being busy we didn’t have to wait for a table. This place was a great choice.

I ordered off their special weekend brunch menu and got the chilaqiles for $8. I’ve never had this before, but if I had to relate it to something it was like eating egg/breakfast nachos. I’m sure not healthy at all, but delicious! Hey, I just ran a 5k so I earned it, right?

If you’re in the Irvine area, stop in for lunch. Its worth checking out their website HERE, just to see how creative they are. It’s also a great example of web design since it’s creative, unique and super easy to navigate.


The Color Run, Irvine

Before: Pristine + Clean
After: Dirty + Badass

On Sunday April 22 I ran The Color Run 5k down in Irvine. Can you tell it was awesome? Ill admit, I signed up for the race as something I could train for and get a good time. It was only the night before when I read the race packet and found out it was less of a run and more of an event. For example, it wasn’t even timed. I was super bummed, but tried to rally and make the most of it. It turned out to be a really fun event that I’m so glad I participated in.

We arrived crazy late because of all the traffic, but it was so casual it didn’t matter. The race began in waves, so being late just meant you went in a later wave. After we got our starter packets (which included a tee shirt, headband, temp tattoo, number, and color pouch) we took some before pictures and made our way to the start. You can see in the picture below, some people couldn’t wait to start throwing their color pouches. Technically you’re supposed to run with the pouch and once you finish, join in the party area where on a count down everyone throws their color pouches into the air.. more on that later.

The race began and at every “k” was a different color station. The paint was more like colored dust, so it created color clouds around the paint stations. Since the landscape was flat, you could see the next station in the distance as just a cloud of color. It was awesome. The paint was thrown at you from the sidelines, so if you wanted less color you stuck to the inside track, and for more color, to the outside track.

Despite my frustrations with the race not really being a race, I still ran/jogged the whole thing. Not many people were actually running, which wasn’t much of a motivation for me. Normally in 5k’s I use the people running around me to help keep my speed up. That was a definite challenge here. Oh yeah, I also got covered in color.

I’m pretty certain that the track was not a full 5k. As someone who runs 5ks at the gym all the time, it could not have been a 5k, but it’s all about the fun, right?

Color Mayhem! The ground had such thick layers of the colored powder.

The below picture is a great example of the clouds of color that are created when you throw the color packets into the air. Once we crossed the finish line, we joined the crowd by the dj booth and stage for dancing color fun.

Every 10(?) minutes the dj would do a countdown and everyone would get their color pouches ready… 3… 2…

1… COLOR!!

We were so coated in color, it was great. The powder only really stuck to wet areas (aka. sweat) so when it came to clean-up, the best method wasn’t washing down, but rather blowing it off. Leaf-blowers were blowing people down at the end of the event. We also got “blown” and then made our way through the massive parking lot to change clothes for the drive home. Check the Color Run website to see when this traveling race is coming to your town. And keep these tips in mind: bring a towel and change of clothes (to leave in the car), if you bring your phone put it in a plastic bag, they give you a shirt but know that even your undershirt, socks, toes, and every layer of your body will get discolored temporarily.

I need to thank my good friend Lindsey for ALL of these images. She risked life and well, cell phone.. okay just cell phone, to take these images.