Cozy Corner

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One thing my favorite bloggers share is photos of their homes. I consider myself a curator in my own apartment and it would be a shame not to share some of it with you, given the amount of energy and thought I put into every design decision. I just want to preface for all future apartment and DIY projects I share with you: it’s not meant as a brag (“Oh look at all this pretty stuff I own, aren’t I great?”), but really just meant to share something that I feel is beautiful and inspiring to me, which hopefully inspires you. This is something I struggle with looking at other blogs (as the line between sharing and bragging can be fuzzy), and I just want my intensions to be clear.

Now that I got that out of the way, I just had to snap my cozy couch view last night. Is it weird that I like to lay there and stare at my apartment? Now that plants and greenery are warming up the space (which I talked about here), Im especially loving it.

couch: West Elm
map pillow: Ikea
pattern pillow: bought from a vendor at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I’ll share their info as soon as I find it!
lightbulb matchbox: Yankee Ingenuity
candle: water lily scent by Target (yuck, I know, but I love the scent)
table lamp: a Hand-Me-Down that I love!
plant: fittonia “mini white” vase: a Home Goods find

DIY: Renovate an Old Centerpiece

You can see the “before” on this art project has some good elements (nice glass vase and good stones) but the colors don’t match anything and the candle… well, it needs to be dumped.

Start by taking inventory of what you have. This photo shows what I thought I would use when I started this project, but it ended up changing mid-project. All I bought were 2 items from Ikea (the blue candle and the box of scented seashells). This cost me maybe $8 total?

Since I used some gold elements around my blank canvas of a living room, I thought a great way to pull that color in would be to spray the orange stones into gold. It really added life to these old stones.

Once the stones dried, it was time to play with the elements. Originally I was going to mix the stones and shells in one vase, but then I realized I had the elements to make 2 centerpieces.

I dug out the circular vase from the back of a cabinet and found the white candle in an old lantern. After some more reconfiguring, you can see I have 2 new beautiful pieces and I only spent $8. Plus, I now have some extra cabinet space.

They also smell good too (scented candles). I love it! This first piece adds a pop of color between the blue and the gold. It ties in several design elements, as a good centerpiece should.

To sum it all up, go through your cabinets and pull out your old forgotten-about vases. By spending only a few dollars, you can repurpose something that was forgotten about and it can end up adding a lot to a space.