Do This Today: French Style Furs at the Satellite (FREE!)


Tonight The Satellite is hosting Ghetto Blaster, French Style Furs, Spencer Moody and the Anzalone’s, Strange Vine and DJ Dan Micicoff. It’s free admission and @2 well drinks/tap beers.

Event: FREE Night at the Satellite
Location: 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: June 2, 2014, (9p show)
Cost: FREE entrance

Do This Today: Comedy @ the Satellite


Is this the week for comedy or what?! Last nights show was awesome and you should expect a full recap on Comedy Wednesday. Tonight hit up The Satellite for a night of comedy! @Dadboner by Karl Welzein & Friends will be filled with guests (specifically Patton Oswalt, Rob Delaney, Matt Braunger, Kyle Kinane, Jenny Johnson and more) for only $10! What a deal! It looks like the ticket site is having issues, but I imagine you can pay at the door and get in.

Event: Comedy at the Satellite (event link)
Location: 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Tuesday July 9, 2013 9p-2am
Cost: $10 (get tickets here or pay at the door)

Do This Today: Free Monday @Satellite


Tonight hit up The Satellite for a free night of music. Robert Schwartzman, Gangi, Kisses, and Knesset will be performing. Free tacos for the first 100 people at the show. From 6-9p there are $2 well drinks/PBR and $5 cocktails. Get there early, grab a drink and tacos, and then hit the dance floor.

Event: Robert Schwartzman and Friends the Satellite (event link)
Location: 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 6pm doors, 9p-2am
Cost: FREE

Do This Today: The Hectors at Satellite


Tonight hit up the album release show of The Hectors at The Satellite. The fun starts at 9pm with Spaceships, Haunted Summer at 10, The Hector’s at 11, and TS and The Past Haunts at 12am. Tickets are $8 at the door or $5 with rsvp. Go to their facebook event page, and rsvp as “going” or “maybe” to get on the $5 list.

Event: The Hectors at the Satellite (event link)
Location: 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 8pm doors, 9pm show
Cost: $8 at the door

Do This Today: Happy Hour at the Satellite


I normally do a Monday comedy post (like What’s Up Tiger Lily and Hot Tub), but with SXSW happening in Austin most big comedians are out of town, so instead check out live music at The Satellite. Tonight is FREE with $2 pbr + $5 cocktails from 6-9pm. Stick around after the drinks because at 9pm the music starts. Harper Simon, Jerry Borge, The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, Money MArk and Amy Blaschke take the stage.

Event: Harper Simon, Jerry Borge and more at the Satellite (event link)
Location: 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 8pm doors, 9pm show
Cost: FREE entrance, $2 beers+well drinks (from 6-9p)

Eagle Rock Music Festival 2012

Last weekend I hit up the Eagle Rock Music Festival in Eagle Rock (duh) on Colorado Blvd. They shut down the streets and really turned this $10 suggested donation party into a real block party. There was a stage for families, and booths for local businesses. The stores stayed open longer and this became a massive event with something for everyone.

You can see food trucks lined the closed off streets. The above area was away from the stages and was actually a break from the crowds… you can tell this was really a huge packed event, if the above was the “quiet area”.

The ducks came out for the event.

The sunset was the perfect backdrop to this festival.

So Many Wizards took to stage #5 Indie Rock (of 11 total) around 7pm. We had a lot of fun listening to them. We liked them enough that my friend bought their album and we even chatted briefly with the lead singer. He was very nice and they had very well designed merchandise. The designer in me was very impressed.

More pics of So Many Wizards (above).

The sun was setting and the crowds were growing.

Crowds and crowds of people.

On stage #7 Funk/Soul/Electronic, Chrome Canyon took the stage. I love this guy’s jacket/belt/leggings combo. This band had a sound similar to Chromeo.

I got this close up of the lead singer and had to share it.

We decided to visit the family stage (# 3) and see Glen Iris finish out a set. It was adorable watching the little kids running around dancing to their covers of classic songs. It was really sweet, the kids had a blast and the lead singer has such a melodic voice.

After a delicious dinner break at the vegan friendly Four Cafe, we made our way to the center of the giant crowd that formed around stage #1 for the performance of Daedelus. He’s a DJ who was spinning fun dance tunes and the crowd was loving it. It was packed with people dancing and having a really good time.

Daedelus looked like an Amish/Pilgrim DJ, which I love. I love when people look a certain way and then surprise everyone by being totally unexpected.

There was a speedy turnaround between Daedelus and the headlining act, Thundercat. The crowd got bigger and bigger, and mosh pits formed. We started to get claustrophobic and decided to check out the last performances on the other stages.

We went back to stage #5 (the indie stage) to see the “Special Guest Band” La Sera, who I coincidentally saw perform at the Silver Lake Jubilee back in May.

We moved to the last big stage (#7) before we headed home for the night. We got to see Peanut Butter Wolf and Black Shakespeare.

Thank you to Center for the Arts Eagle Rock for putting on this awesome festival and I look forward to the 2013 festival.

Do This Today: Happy Hour at the Satellite (music!)

Tonight The Satellite is opening EXTRA early (6pm!) for awesome happy hour deals ($2 PBRs and well drinks!). The Satellite becomes a speakeasy every Monday this month. So get ready to go way back in time. Last in Class will be performing tonight and it’s free admission.

Event: Happy Hour at the Satellite
Location: 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: 6p (9p show)
Cost: FREE entrance, $2 beers+well drinks (from 6-9p)

Do This Today: Free Live Music

Tonight The Satellite in Silver Lake is hosting a night of free live music. Here’s the run-down:

9p – Tijuana Tears
10p – Yellow Alex & The Feelings
11p – Terraplane Sun
12a – Das Tapes

They do $2 Newcastles until 10 and will have The Fox Pizza Bus serving out front. If you skip the drinks and pizza, you can get in 3+ hours of live music without costing you a cent. Pretty sweet for a Monday.

Lola’s and Taix

Last night I hit up two fun, very different venues: Lola’s and Taix.

Lola’s in West Hollywood

Lola's and Catie's Hello Kitty cupcakes.

Yesterday was my roommate’s birthday and she loves Lola’s martinis, so she hosted a little get-together at Lola’s bar. They don’t let you reserve tables unless you’re ordering food (and this was more of a stop-by-for-a-drink event) so when the gathering ballooned to maybe 20 people it got a little tricky, but we made it work. Lola’s calls itself the “home of the apple martini” and has an extensive martini list. I indulged in the the “Red Caramel Apple Martini” and it did not disappoint. It did set me back $13 (not including tax and tip) so these drinks aren’t cheap, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. The drink was large with such a unique flavor. It smelled like an apple so I was expecting something tart but the caramel flavor really evened it out making for a very smooth drink. I also enjoyed the apple slice garnish. This place is a great “girl’s night out” bar and a fun excuse to put on a cute dress, hop into some uncomfortable shoes and debate which friend is the “Samantha” or the “Carrie”.

Taix in Echo Park

After Lola’s I switched gears from snooty WeHo to hipster Echo Park to meet up with my good friend Amber at the French Restaurant/Lounge Taix. She suggested we see the band May Stands Still which was giving a free show in the Taix Lounge (Lounge 321) that night from 10:30-11:30p. We got there around 9:30p to chat and enjoy a beer before the show. They didn’t have a large beer selection but I thought I would try the only beer on the list I’ve never heard of before: The Taix Pale Ale. Im embarrassed to say, I have no clue how to pronounce the name of this French restaurant and when ordering this beer I had to refer to it at the “titular drink”. We ordered a small cup of sweet potato fries (perfect for 2 people) and they were so delicious we didn’t need ketchup or the curry/mustardy dip they came with.

As it approached 10:30 and the room was still fairly empty, May Stands Still started their set. They were delightful. Amber and I both really enjoyed them. The lead singer, Emily Herndon, has such a lovely melodic voice that deserves a way better description than I could ever give. They have an indie acustic sound with only 2 guatarists and a back-up vocalist that dables in many instruments (including violin). It was hard to believe all that music was coming out of only a three-person band. Check them out HERE and listen to their tunes HERE. They were so nice that they gave Amber and I each a free copy of their EP, Matter of Time. I signed up for their mailing list, so I’ll keep you posted on shows to come and I highly recommend seeing them around town.