Do This Today: Blamblamblam!!!


It’s Tuesday and tonight you deserve a FREE comedy show so check out R-Bar from 9:30-11pm tonight. The show is called Blablamblam and featuring Baron Vaughn (my favorite), John Vargas, Joselyn Hughes, Jim Hamilton, Kristen Studard, Erik Charles Nielsen, Nicol Pacone, Ricky Carmona, Willy Roberts, Kimberly Clark, Eli Yudin, Borts Minorts, and Davey Johnson hosted by Matt Peters. Phew, that’s a lot of names.

Event: Blamblamblam!!! (event link)
Location: R Bar, 3331 W. 8th St, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Tuesday April 30, 9-11:30p
Cost: FREE!

Do This Today: CAMP Thursday (comedy!)


Loud Village now presents C.A.M.P Thursday (Comedy and Music Performances). Tonights guests include Hasan Minhaj, JC Coccoli, Rob Hoffman, Josh Fadem, Tony Sam, Melissa Stephens, Lindsay Ames, and more!

Event: CAMP Thursday (event link)
Location: Couture, 1650 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA
Time: 10p-11:30pm
Cost: Free!
FYI: Since it’s free, get there early to make sure you get in.

Comedy Wednesday

Since it is Comedy Wednesday, I feel like I need to share this with you today. As you know, I love (cheap) indie comedy in LA and I write about the shows I go to all the time. has decided to try to open another comedy venue in LA which would be like a Largo/UCB/Improv haven. While I think there are several places like this in LA already (most are bars and not really theaters), I would love a legit intimate (affordable) comedy theater venue! Nakedcomedy needs your help to make this come to fruition. Click THIS link and reblog/tell your friends.

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