Two Out Of Twelve: February


Can you believe it’s already February?! It’s no longer a “new year”, but now officially “the year” 2013. It’s around now that statistically people start forgetting about their new year resolutions, so I’m going to take this time to re-dedicate myself. As you know I have pretty lofty goals for 2013, and to make sure I complete most of them I just need a little reminder.

In the past 4 weeks I hiked almost every weekend, did many secret stair walks, spent a weekend in NYC, created some thrifty DIY artwork, saved up funds and payed off more student loans, and saw several comedy shows. I’m in the middle of reading and new book and even finished level 1 of my Rosetta Stone French program. I’m not saying these things to brag, but sometimes you need to make a list of accomplishments to feel like you’re not just treading water. How did you spend your January?

I expect February to be about more French and reading as well as exercise. I renewed my gym membership and want to spend February running and working towards a 10k. I also want February to be about cleaning up loose ends, finishing projects, and finalizing some artwork. Hopefully I’ll get in some cross country skiing and read up on typography as well as learn how to use my sewing machine. And of course, I hope to save, save, save!

Christmas Tree Cutting ’12


Denver in the morning. Isn’t she beautiful? You can see the snow capped mountains far in the background. Such a fun city.


If you remember from last years tree cutting adventure, we go up into the mountains on every black friday to pick out the perfect Christmas trees (with permits of course). The drive from city to mountain is a beautiful one.



This year the roads were exceptionally dusty (given the dry winter). Normally there is snow and mud, but this year dust.


Look at our spread of food! It’s the fanciest tailgate I’ve ever seen 🙂 Everyone makes something to share to accompany the annual turkey chili that is made with the Thanksgiving leftovers (Steve is so kind to make me a delicious veggie chili).


Once our stomachs are filled, the great tree race begins!!


We all search for the perfect trees. This year we were on a different side of the mountain and we were shocked at how many good ones we found. In previous years it would take hours and going deep into the woods.


We found the tree! It even had an abandoned birds nest in it. Little did I know, when the photo was taken above, my body was freaking out on the inside.


Once the trees are tagged, cut and mounted on the cars it’s time to pack up and hit the road back to Denver.


It’s a beautiful drive in and then back out.


After returning and washing down the tree (to rid any bugs), we got to catch this gorgeous sunset 🙂

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas… or Happy Sunday, if you don’t celebrate.  I made it to CT in one piece and with enough time to celebrate.

This was taken fresh off of the red-eye. NYC in the morning.

After just missing the first bus, I waited for a second bus into Manhattan.

Then into Grand Central for the packed train ride to CT. I got home around 1:30p on Christmas Eve. After a lovely night of good food (crab cakes and baked stuffed clams, yum!) I wrapped gifts and caught some of The Sound Of Music with the family before I had to bid them ‘adieu. There will be a later post about Christmas when I upload my images, but lets just say that my family is so thoughtful and generous. Also, 2012 is going to kick-ass. I got new hiking boots, a sleeping pad, camping pillow, headlamp, a sleeping bag compression bag and seven free camping passes. I’m SO pumped for the new year.. so pumped. I also think Im ready to find a male camping companion… so if you know any single outdoorsy-men, send them my way 😉

Well, tomorrow I’m off to NYC for 2 days of fun. In the summer, when I went to NYC last, I came with a full list of activities and this time I’m going with nothing. But, I’m seeing good people and I’m confident enough that we will find fun things to do. I’ll of course recap it for you when I get back. After NYC I head right out to Cape Cod for a week of amazing New England adventures! I plan to break in my new hiking boots. Cape Cod may not have mountains but it’s awesome to hike in places so controlled by the tides. It really puts you in touch with nature. I’m signing off for the next 2 days!