BONUS Do This Today: Gallery 1988 West Fairy Tales Art Exhibit


Tonight from 7pm-10pm, Gallery 1988 West is hosting an opening reception for their newest exhibit Fairy Tales. If you aren’t at the Riot LA comedy festival, then this is worth checking out. They always curate fun shows.

Event: Fairy Tales (a print show)  (event link)
Location: Gallery 1988 West, 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA
Time: Friday, January 10th, 2014 7-10pm
Cost: Free!

Do This Today: The Los Feliz Village Street Fair


I can’t give you a weekend guide because I’m super swamped with errands as well as a big build today! But I will tell you, you must check out the 20th Annual Los Feliz Village Street Fair! It’s all taking place on Hillhurst Blvd on Today, Saturday September 7, 2013, noon to 11pm. There will be food vendors, local shops, live music etc all taking part in the neighborhood celebration. I’ve gone past years and it’s a great way to be outside, get a tan and get so exercise walking around.

The Business @ Lyric Hyperion Theatre (7/11/13)

This past week I checked out The Business at Lyric Cafe on Hyperion. The San Fran based show has branched out and started an LA chapter. I’ve been to the venue for a snack while Secret Stair walking, but never to the theater portion. I arrived extra early and had a snack at the cafe before the show.


You can see by the fliers above, Lyric Cafe is very pro indie comedy.


Beth Stelling hosted for the night. She’s a regular at The Business and I often see her name on comedy rosters around LA. She was an excellent host and very funny.


Mo Welch was up next. She has some awesome clips over on The Mo Show website. The Serial Optimist also did a nice spread on her.


My Hot Tub favorite Kristen Schaal was up next. She had an amazing bathing suit bit that hopefully she’ll do at Hot Tub because more people need to hear it. Check her out at the Virgil (Hot Tub Show) on Monday nights.



John Mulaney was up next. We west coasters were lucky to have him in town this week and I certainly took advantage and saw him 2 times. The last time was for a live podcast taping of You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. This time it was all standup. He did a hilarious bit where he discussed his recent engagement and really broke down the saying “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”. Genius.


Ben Lerman came up next and sang three comedic songs. The last song he sang took a horrific real story and he created a song with three points of view from the same story. Good stuff.


Chris Garcia was up next. He’s one of The Business LA creators. Check out his website here and you can even hear him on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF.


Emily Heller was last up. I saw her do an excellent set at Hot Tub a few months ago and you should check out her twitter.

TONIGHT (and every Thursday) The Business will be happening at Lyric, so come check it out.

Do This Today: Pop-up Gallery


Tonight from 6pm-9pm Hemingway & Pickett is hosting an exhibit of work from the photographers of Darling Magazine. Come by to see their prints and enjoy drinks and cupcakes from Lark Cake Shop (yum!).

Event: Darling Pop-up Gallery (event link)
Location: Hemmingway & Pickett, 3208 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Time: Thursday June 6, 6p-9p
Cost: Free!

Fashion District / Egg Slut Truck / Skid Row

This past weekend, my good friend Susie (and fellow blogger of Design Plus You) ventured down to the fashion district to look for fabric. The store Im most familiar with in the industry is Michael Levine, so we headed there. As you know I’ve been redoing my barrel chair and I came to a standstill when I realized I needed a special type of padding. Surely Michael Levine would have it.


Michael Levine is so inspiring! Two warehouses full of ideas! This felt above made me think of the kids room pennants I make… so many colors to choose from! Susie highly recommended HeatnBond as a great no-sew hemming tool.


After buying our fabric (I found what I needed with the help of a knowledgeable staff member for $2.50!), we decided to head somewhere for breakfast. The Egg Slut Truck had been recommended to me, so we yelped it and headed that way.


The Egg Slut Truck happened to be parked in front of Handsome Coffee Roasters.


See the crowd? It’s located downtown just past Skid Row amongst warehouses, so not exactly a prominent spot but it’s well known through word of mouth. It’s also close to Sci-ARC, where I imagine architecture students and nearby artist loft owners come to get their caffeine fix (the crowd was very artsy).


Doesn’t the look amazing? It tasted soooo good. The coffee is a latte,  and just a note to coffee lovers, Handsome Coffee Roasters is a purest. They only have organic whole milk and no sweeteners. As for the Egg Slut Truck, I got the scrambled eggs with avacado. They have several options and all of them looked amazing. This place makes me look forward to another Michael Levine/Egg Slut Truck/Handsome Coffee Roasters Saturday morning Adventure.


Since I brought up Skid Row above, I feel like I must tell you about to excellent documentaries I’ve seen recently about Skid Row. The first is called Skid Row and documents Praswell (Pras, a member of the Fugees) as he lives for 9 days on Skid Row without his true identity being revealed and begins with just $9 and a tent. The goal was for Pras to get to know the people behind Skid Row, how the got where they did, and are they choosing to be there or is it a reaction to a cause? He is mentored by the local Mission leaders and filmed from a very far distance. I think it’s easy to dismiss the homeless and this movie is so humanizing and shed’s light on serious issues plaguing this city.

The second film I saw was Lost Angels: Skid Row is My Home, which was made be several of the people who worked on The Soloist. In fact most of the homeless people followed in the film were extras in The Soloist. This film focuses on San Julien Place, a street near several missions which has homeless housing and where many people take refuge. This film focuses on mental illness and how the termination of mental institutions forced these people out onto the streets. It also shows a larger problem: When missions are full at night (as well as low income housing being very hard to get) and people have nowhere to go to sleep, they are forced to lay on the ground where they then get ticketed for the crime of laying on the ground. If people can’t afford a place to lay, how can they pay the ticket? Not paying the tickets leads to jail time, which uses up lots of tax dollars. What if those tax dollars were invested in more of these low income apartments, which currently have waiting lists because they are so maxed out? The people followed are fascinating humans who you really care about in the film. I highly recommend both films.

…Spring Forward


How did you spend your extra hour of sunlight? As much as I hate losing an hour from a weekend (can’t we lose it while working?), I like to think I spent my time very valuably: working on a future blog shop! It’s still a long way from being finished, but I’m happy about it’s progress. I also got to take a few breaks and visit my favorite LA “beach”, the Silver Lake Meadow. Such a great place to layout reading magazines and getting some vitamin d. It’s a great people watching spot and you can do a loop around the lake for some exercise.

Comedy Wednesday: Hot Tub (1.28.13)

It’s Comedy Wednesday! It’s only fitting that I write you this post while listening to the Louie CK pandora station. This past Monday I made it to the Virgil for Kurt and Kristen’s Hot Tub weekly comedy show. I LOVE it and highly recommend you check it out. It’s filled the hole left by Comedy Bang Bang ending


The show started with Kurt Braunholer and Kristen Schaal being hilarious and awesome as they always are.


They brought up an audience member (chosen by NY based Carl, who chose via text) to open a gift sent by Carl to Kurt and Kristen. They passed the contents of the envelope around for people to keep. I got a picture of an old curtain- score!


Eugene Mirman was the first guest up. I own Invite The Up (one of Eugene’s cds) so it was cool seeing him perform in person. It was my first time seeing him in person. He told a very funny story about him and Michael Stipe getting mugged by the police.



Next up are The Apple Sisters. They sang their song Pudding and then Tippity Tappity joined them for Tippity Tappity the Tape Worm. They have a podcast you should check out here.


Marc Maron came out next. He has the very successful podcast WTF with MArk Maron and he told stories about his interview with Mel Brooks (which will air in the next few weeks). I love old people (Mel Brooks!), so I was choking I was laughing so hard.


Kurt did some stand up next. He talked about his kickstarter to get a plane to write  comedic phrases in the sky over Los Angeles and NYC. Here is the kickstarter event! He’s met the goal, and is trying to raise more to do it in more cities. It’s coming in March!


The Sklar Brothers came out after Kurt. They told a story about a plane experience involving Laura Dern, a member of the Wu-Tang Clan (I think it was RZA), and Richard Simmons. So. Funny. They also have a podcast called Sklarbro Couuntry on Earwolf.


Kristen Schaal did her stand up next. She spoofed Beyonce’s Inaugural performance, by also lip synching to her own set. She also told a story about going to a media event and indulging in the open bar. We learned that when she vomits on herself, she does her best to keep it only on herself.


Hannibal Buress was next up. You can check him out on Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show @ 12:30a. He was a crowd pleaser and supposed to be the closer until…


Aziz Ansari dropped in! You probably know him from Parks and Recreation, Funny People, Human Giant or one of his stand up specials.


He talked alot about his troubles with single-hood, which are the exact same complaints I have about the dating world. I just find it so hard to believe that Aziz is single, as he’s hilarious, successful and adorable.

I had originally thought that Kurt and Kristen were only doing this show for a month residency, but it seems like it’s on going and I’m LOVING it. I’m sure Ill be back again soon. And as an added incentive, if you stick around after the show you can drink with the comedians.

Do This Today: Dog Day After Work (free comedy!)


Dog Day After Work is back with a FREE comedy show tonight at the Virgil (the same apothecary themed bar that’s been hosting Hot Tub). Check it out tonight! The guests are Alice Wetterlund, Joe Dosch, Ron Babcock, Cameron Esposito, Drennon Davis, and Chris Fairbanks. Did I mention it’s free and at an awesome bar? Go! 

Event: Dog Day After Work (event info)
Location: The Virgil, 4519 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Time: 8:00p
Cost: FREE!

The Los Feliz Street Fair

This is my third installment of LA fairs (Silver Lake Jubilee and the Franklin Festival being the first two), this time tackling the Los Feliz Street Fair. The heat made today a challenge, but I still got in some great exercise and attended this local community event. I parked far, far, far away. Practically not in LA. Okay, that’s a lie, but I parked miles away to avoid traffic and also force myself to get in a good walk. I walked quite a distance along Franklin and got to see some fun sidewalk graffiti on my way to the main event.

You know me and textures/colors. I love the above and below photos. It’s true, “a little smile never hurt anybody” -the sidewalk.

I HAD to stop in Wackos. That place is like a sensory overload, but also so fun. If you’re in the neighborhood, you have to pay a visit. It’s a great gag-gift shop also with an excellent book collection. I took a look at Bohemian Modern: Living in Silver Lake, and after all my Secret Stair walks I recognize most of these homes. I’m going to add this book to my birthday wish list (which is coming up scary fast!). Ugh, I wish I owned a house, someday. At least I can read the books and see the homes on my walks.

Look at the fun trapeze set-up they had! It only cost $8 to play in this, which was fun for kids and adults. They also had a bunch of carnival rides which made this fair unique compared to the Jubilee and Franklin Festival.

Such a colorful event. There were 3 rows of tents, so lots of local artists, vendors and restaurants were represented at the event. There was only one food truck (given the Food Fest at the Rose Bowl this weekend) but that worked well for the local restaurants which is really what it’s about (celebrating the neighborhood).

The heat was a challenge to say the least, so despite the photo below showing a nonexistent crowd, there were actually a lot of people watching from under the shade of the sidewalk lined trees. The shade just happened to be far from the stage, which is unfortunate, but the shade felt ten degrees cooler.

This last photo below I took on the long walk back to my car. It makes me smile, as I think of myself as an artful walker 🙂

The Franklin Festival 2012

The Silver Lake Jubilee is a hard blog post to follow, particularly because this post is all about last weekends Franklin Festival. The Franklin Festival was a much smaller event and shouldn’t really be compared to the Jubilee. Think of the Jubilee as Woodstock and the Festival as a neighborhood block party. Both are fun, but very different.

Last years Franklin Festival was part craft vendors, part music, part comedy and this year the one missing ingredient was comedy (my favorite ingredient). The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre is right in Franklin Village and this year they did not participate in the event. Who knows why, but they were definitely missed (by me at least).

The festival was small, spanning the one-block width of Franklin Village (from the Daily Planet to The Oaks along Franklin Ave). They had one food truck, maybe 20 craft tents and one small stage for local music acts.

The event was really about bringing out the neighborhood and having them learn about the local vendors.

The tents were filled with goodies and you would be proud of me, I didn’t buy any crafts. Oh boy I wanted to, but funemployment has me grasping at my purse strings.

The Celebrity Scientology Center was even having an open house. That’s not something I subscribe to, so I declined the invite in.

I must admit, my photos are misleading and there were a lot of people here at the festival. It was well attended but not over crowded. There were local bands playing (none I had heard of) which was a fun backround noise to the event. I’m sure if I stayed until dark the crowd would have gotten more into the music, but it really felt like everyone there was people watching (including myself). I even recognized a guy who was standing next to me at the Jubilee, there in The Bourgeois Pig. Not only was I people watching, but DOGGIE watching too!

I feel it most fitting that the post about the Franklin Festival be an introduction to Franklin Village itself.

If we were reading the Village like a book, it would start with The Daily Planet. This is where locals stop in to grab the morning paper before jumping into the Bourgeois Pig for their morning organic free-trade latte. This was the first time I noticed the Daily Planet has a cute section of gifty items. I’m going to make a mental note to stop in there when I need something unique or a fun card for someone.

The Bourgeois Pig, which I mentioned above, has a make-out forest that can’t be missed. So get your coffee and drink it in the make-out room. It’s seriously a forest. They also have a restroom which is perfect for those nights of waiting in long lines at UCB.

The red awning in the above photo covers the patio at Birds. Birds has a lot of meat items (get the name?) so I haven’t eaten there. But they do have a fun bar with happy hour deals, which I have partaken in. It’s a fun vibe, not pretentious at all.

Next down the line, and not in the photo above, is Franklin & Company. This restaurant/bar just replaced Prizzi’s (which is now in Burbank) and I have not been there yet. Judging by the folding chalkboard they have out on the sidewalk with tons of local breweries listed, I’m guessing Ill enjoy it. From what I’ve heard, the food is pricy but it’s worth dropping in for a beer. Maybe a beer on the patio to do a little people watching? Sounds like a fun Sunday.

Then of course, the Upright Citizen’s Brigade which I’m at at least once a week. If you want to learn more about the theater in my other blog posts click HERE.

Tai Yo Sushi is next to UCB. This place is a tad pricy compared to my normal sushi joint, but it has inventive rolls, good atmosphere, and they do take out which is perfect for waiting in those UCB lines too.

There is the clothing store Native and Real Raw Live (a juice bar) before you hit Counterpoint Records and Books. This is a great new and used bookstore and in a time when Amazon and Barnes + Noble’s ruling the world, it’s nice to see a local book store still in it’s place.

Beyond that is La Poubelle which I’ve never eaten at. The place looks fancy and is more of a place-to-be-seen, which makes it hard for me to really take seriously. I imagine the Italian food is delicious, it’s just that the people I see eating on the patio as I walk by (the 100’s of times I’ve walked by) are really not my type of scene. It’s definitely not LA on a budget, so it’s not even LifeAbsorbed friendly. Any who, if you want a fancy night out maybe it’s worth a look.

Capping off this block is The Oaks Gourmet. This little shop is a gourmet market, a little pricey (cause it’s gourmet), but they have tasty pizzas that are shareable and a nice people watching spot with picnic tables overlooking Franklin Ave.

The last place in this stretch worth mentioning is a block down past the Gelsons super market. It’s called Locali, and I had my first visit there during the Franklin Festival. I ordered a half-sandwich (which is really the size of a normal sandwich), which was prepared fresh in front of me and delicious. It’s very vegan, organic and glutten-free friendly. They sell market items as well so you can get some groceries while they make you a fresh kale salad. I really enjoyed this market and the staff was very friendly.