Brief Hiatus: Upcoming Travels


Unfortunately, I can’t do a Font Friday OR a Weekend Guide today. Today is my last day working on season 2 of HBO’s The Newsroom. It’s sad to say goodbye, but I like to think of it as a “see you later!” in the hopes of a season 3. Between the chaos of packing out all my personal belongings, wrapping up all the show files and loose ends, while also leaving tomorrow night for a quick trip home to Connecticut, I’m just out of time. Don’t worry, “Do This Today” will be back up and running on Monday and hopefully I’ll have some CT adventures to share with you by then. In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend! Maybe you should visit Echo Park @10am on Saturday for its grand reopening of the Echo Park Lake, after it’s lengthy rehabilitation has finally ended 😉 Expect a secret stair walk to happen in the upcoming weeks.

Lastly, I leave you with the photo above of me (on the left) with my coworkers celebrating a season of very hard work, this past Wednesday at STK in West Hollywood. After two season of working with an awesome collection of talented people, and a group of new folks this season, The Newsroom really is a big family. I’m really blessed that out of a 3 hour party, it wasn’t enough time to hug and congratulate all of the people I work with daily. How many people can say they enjoy that many of their coworkers. #luckyluckygirl

Do This Today: Girls vs. Golden Girls


Tonight check out “The Great Debate: Girls vs Golden Girls– Who empowers us and who are a bunch of stunted oppressed degenerates?” at the Zephyr Theater. Join the debate!

Event: Girls vs. Golden Girls (event link)
Location: The Zephyr, 7456 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA 90036
Time: Wednesday June 12, 8pm
Cost: $10 at the door $8 presale HERE)

Comedy Wednesday Bonus!

I had to do an extra bonus comedy post today, because I want to tell you about HBOgo’s new line of videos called “Digital Shorts”. They are basically HBO’s mini web series’, and they’ve got 4 shows that comprise this category. Two of those shows have comedians I am very excited about (as they are UCB’ers).

Brody Stevens: Enjoy it!
If you follow Zach Galafinakis on twitter, you probably saw him posting last night about Body’s new show on HBO. Those two are bros (Brody’s in practically all of Zach’s films). But you heard right, Brody Steven’s has a short-form series (Brody Stevens:Enjoy it!) on HBO so you can watch him all the time. It seems like you can only see previews on HBOgo (which I can’t add on this site), so click HERE to see clips!

Garfunkle and Oates:
You’ve read about them on my blog before (they are hilarious and very tallented) and now they have their own show. That’s right Garfunkle and Oats has a collection of videos so now the world can share in their comedy music. Here’s a video Riki Lindhome (the blonde of the duo) posted on her youtube account.

The Newsroom: Episode 1

Last night The Newsroom premiered! Did you watch it? More importantly, did you love it? As you probably know from pior posts (like THIS one and THIS one), I worked on the show. Last night I got to proudly watch and then also see my name in the credits (normal tv doesn’t show all the credits). Well, incase you missed it, HBO has put it temporarily on youtube so you can see episode 1!

Scott Aukerman has been tweeting about it. It feels awesome to have my comedy hero tweeting about a show I worked on.

I also want to share that I spent last night at a coworkers house celebrating the debut and I made a fun themed dessert to match. Once you watch the episode above (do it!) you’ll see that it has to do with a terrible event that happened in 2010, the oil spill. Since making Newsroom themed cupcakes just seemed impossible, I decided to focus on the oil-spill part of the show. My first thought was dripping chocolate! I decided to start with your standard vanilla cupcakes (I used the box mix because that’s how I roll).

Next, I used the Magnolia Bakery frosting recipe which I found HERE. My mom has their cookbook, so we use their frosting recipe and it’s always a winner.

The ingredients went from this…

to this…

Doesn’t that look yummy? I decided to do vanilla cupcakes to represent the sand, blue icing to show the ocean (or in this case, the Gulf) and then I put a swedish fish on each cupcake. My oil spill idea was to take the chocolate that drips on and then solidifies on top of each cupcake. That did not work as I hoped, so the theme ended up being “the gulf pre-oil spill”. Oh well, they tasted delicious. In hindsight I should have had chocolate jimmies as a back-up plan. Live and learn.

PS. In episode 1, my name is written on the whiteboard in the conference room scene 😉

The Newsroom Premiere

This post is late because I slept in after a very Hollywood night out. The show I’ve been working on, The Newsroom, had it’s big premiere event. Remember when I told you about it HERE? I just wanted to share about last nights event. I’ve worked on several shows and yet this is my first premiere party. It felt so high-profile with the whole cast, their dates (some were famous), and then HBO’s guests (Larry David and James Gandolfini). Plus the crew I worked with was there.

Even TMZ was there with this scoop! And Perez picked it up too! How Hollywood is that?

We had to take red carpet pics:

The event was held at the Arclight Dome and it was my first time seeing a movie in there. While the stars walked the carpet, everyone was inside chatting and taking their seats while the live feed played on the screen. It was fun to see the carpet, without having to be outside. They had mountains of soda and popcorn for all the guests. Once everyone was in the theater, the head HBO exec and Aaron Sorkin gave speeches and then the show began. I loved it. I know I’m biased, but I really enjoyed it. I had already seen the pilot before, but now it had all the bells and whistles which made it even better. Sam Waterson is my favorite. He’s a super nice guy in real life and he’s very funny on screen. You’ll love him. The show airs on HBO this Sunday night!

Here’s this behind the scenes blip HBO made. My boss, Richard Hoover, is in there!


Once the episode ended we waited outside for the shuttles and then were shipped out to Boulevard 3 for the after-party.

The after party was completely newsroom themed. Globes everywhere. All the private bungalows were made to look like offices and conference rooms. Even the DJ booth was set-up like the News Night desk. It was pretty funny to see a news themed club. The tv’s all had news video footage that we used on the pilot episode.

They even had pillows that were a map pattern with “The Newsroom” printed on them. Everyone took one home.

I went up to the second floor where they had a photo booth set up, and took this picture looking down on the first floor:

Look at the GIANT globe hanging form the ceiling! How crazy is that? It looked awesome. HBO knows how to throw a party. I got to say hi with all my coworkers who I haven’t seen for a couple months, and my favorite director, Greg Mottola. He’s awesome and took time to say hi to us art department people, despite this party being filled with important HBO executives.

I also want to mention that it was at the after party where I turned around and saw Larry David walk by me. You know from this blog, I’m a comedy nerd. Seeing LD is HUGE for me. And he looked just like he does in Curbed. The same outfit, same walk, everything. That rounded out a fun night. Now I assume we do this every Sunday when the episode comes on?

Here’s one last red carpet shot:

HBO’s The Newsroom

I know I don’t talk about my work much, because I do have my secrets, but I do want to share with you the project I’ve been working on for the last year. As you might know, I’m an Art Department Coordinator who works in television out in LA. While my job has unique perks, it is very much a job. When you take the celebrity factor out of it, it’s your average office job (although we have our fun). Some people think working in Hollywood is all glamour and parties constantly. It’s really not. But, there is one party perk to working in the industry: wrap parties.

Last night I attended the wrap party for the show I’m just finishing up, it’s HBO’s “The Newsroom“. Wrap parties are a celebration of the creation of a season of work. We work crazy long hours to make tv for you lovely folks, and when a season comes to an end we celebrate all the hard work we put into the last 6 months with a fancy gathering. Ours was at BOA in West Hollywood. Think open bar and delicious food with your coworkers.

I’ve never been to BOA before (it’s normally a steak house, when it’s not closed for private events).

This photo above was taken from their website, and below was a photo I took while Aaron Sorkin and Alan Poul were giving their touching speeches and sharing an awesome blooper reel. I’m normally not a blooper person, but this one was fantastic. You’ll have to get the season on DVD when it comes out to see it. Truly hilarious.

Open bar meant lemon-drop martinis and champagne. Yum. I was really impressed with the turn out.

The food was unbelievable. Sushi Roku was serving up fresh handrolls and there was a pasta station, meat station, and the piece de resistance, the dessert station. This was all in addition to the waiters walking around with a huge selection of ors devours and dessert trays. I had a warm churro dipped in chocolate and a fried pbj sandwich bite dipped an a special jam. All the desserts were mini, so there was no guilt in trying many of them. They had cake pops, strawberry shortcake, and lemon meringue bites. It was so tasty.

Probably the most fun thing (second of course to getting to cut loose with the 100+ people that work on the show) was the photo station. They set up a green screen and used some of the graphics that we use in the show (The Newsroom is a TV show about a news show). They had props and even printed out copies on the spot so you could save the pics. We had a blast with that! You can imagine with an open bar, those shots got very creative. I’ve decided to include one of me and my sister below. (I’m on the left):

I spent all day Saturday trying on tons of dresses before I settled on the one you see in the photo. I ended up getting it from Foreign Exchange. Online it says the dress is $22, but in the store I paid $37 since I needed to get it that day. I love this dress. I’m sure I will get great use out of it. Check out the 360 degree shots from the website.

I also broke my one rule: don’t shop at Target. I’m super anti-Target, but I was having a hard time finding the look of the shoe I wanted. On a whim and against my better judgment I looked in a Target. Sure enough they had exactly what I was looking for and for a good price. Curses. I broke my one rule and bought something at Target. Don’t worry, this was a one time thing and I do not intend on going back there anytime soon. Plus when I went through the check out line, the 20 minute wait when I was second in line was my punishment for shopping there. Anyway, I had to share my shoes because I really liked them with this dress.

They were classy yet club/WeHo appropriate. They felt very Kate Middleton-esque. Since I’ve been chewing your ear off about The Newsroom, I need to share this trailer with you. Hope you enjoy at check it out on HBO this summer!